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Revised Censuses

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REVISED CENSUSES, a census of the taxpayers of Russia (including St. Petersburg) in the 18th to the 1st half of the 19th centuries. The revisions counted the number of peasants, townspeople, but did not include women or non tax-payers. Revised censuses were begun by decree of Tsar Peter the Great On the Conduct of a Revised Census and on the Distribution of Forces by Number of the Revised Souls (1718). The first information about St. Petersburg was collected in 1737 in the process of the city census, performed by the police master chancellor. Later, these revised censuses were conducted regularly and contained information about St. Petersburg: the 2nd Revised Census was conducted in 1744, the 3rd - 1762, the 4th - 1782, the 5th - 1795, the 6th - 1811, the 7th - 1815, the 8th - 1833, the 9th - 1850, the 10th (and last) - 1857 (the dates of the revised census took place at the start of the years of the real census). The fullest revised census was the fourth, which included not only men but also women. The information of the revised census has numerous errors as records have been partially lost. Therefore, for the reconstruction of the demographic processes in St. Petersburg researchers use fuller and more regular information from police statistics.

Reference: Кабузан В. М. Народонаселение России XVIII - первой половине XIX в. (По материалам ревизий). М., 1963.

A. Y. Chistyakov.

Peter I, Emperor

Кабузан В. М. Народонаселение России в XVIII - первой половине XIX в.: (По материалам ревизий). М., 1963

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