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Entries / To Pushkin A.S., monument (Pushkin Town, Dvortsovaya Street)

To Pushkin A.S., monument (Pushkin Town, Dvortsovaya Street)

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

The Town of Pushkin , Dvortsovaya Street, the Lyceun Garden .

Sculptor :Robert Romanovich Bach (1859-1933)
Architect: Aleksandr Romanovich Bach (1853-1937)

Monument was unveiled on 15 October 1900 г.

Materials: bronze — sculpture; polished granite — pedestal; forging granite — foundation.


Inscription was made by golden signs on the pedestal, on the front :
To Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Left side — lines of the poem "Eugene Onegin" , chapter VIII, the 1st stanza:
"And on days spent far in mysterious valleys,/ In spring where swans have dying calls,/ Near waters where the quiet lights fall,/ The Muse began to visit me."

On the right side — lines of the poem "To V.F. Raevsky" "(You are Right, My Friend.." , 1822) : " We leaved brightness and futility of our young conversations,/ I know work and inspiration, / And passion dreams were nice to me/ I was in solitery excitement."

On the back side , on the left — lines of the poem "19 October 1825":
"My friends , our union is beatiful! / It is as the soul, it is indivisible and eternal / Unshakable, free and carefree, / It was created under the shadow of amicable muses."

On the right : " Where we have not abondoned the fate, / And fortune led wherever , / All we are the same: to us the whole world is alienland, / the Fatherland for us is Tsarskoye Selo."

In 1899, when the 100th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin was celebrated, the special committee was founded, it began to collect money to a monument and announced the competition for the best design of the monument. The poet I.F. Annensky was the head of this committee and he suggested the quotes of A.S. Pushkin's poems for the inscriptions on the pedestal of the monument. Sculptor R. Bach, a citizen of Pushkin Town, was the winner of this competition. The laying of the monument was made on 26 May 1899, the birthday of A.S. Pushkin. Casting of the monument was made by the firm "N. Stange", at the art bronze factory. The cast iron railings was constructed shortly after opening the monument .
The monument was carefully took down and it was buried in the Lyceun Garden during the first days of the Great Patriotic War. In May 1945 the monument was installed on the foundation. The needed restoration work was completed at the same time.

The height of the monument is 1.9 metre, the height of the pedestal is 1.1 metre.

Annensky Innokenty Fedorovich
Bach Alexander Romanovich
Bach Robert Romanovich
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich

Dvortsovaya Street/Pushkin, town Лицейский сад


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Alexander Pushkin, Monuments to (entry)

ALEXANDER PUSHKIN, MONUMENTS TO. In 1881 a temporary plaster bust of Pushkin (from a model by the sculptor I. P. Vitali) was installed in the park at Pushkinskaya Street

Pushkin, town

PUSHKIN, a town and municipal unit situated south of Saint Petersburg. Known until 1918 as Tsarskoe Selo, and in 1918-37 as Detskoe Selo. As of 2002, population totalled approximately 95,000 inhabitants