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Addresses / Revolyutsii Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city
Bolshaya Okhta, locality

BOLSHAYA OKHTA, a locality in the east of St. Petersburg, on the right bank of the Neva River, surrounded by the Okhta River, Energetikov Avenue and Revolyutsii Freeway

Bolsheokhtinsky Avenue

BOLSHEOKHTINSKY AVENUE, one of the main roads in Bolshaya Okhta lying between Krasnogvardeiskaya Square and Revolyutsii Freeway. It was called Bolshoy Okhtensky Avenue from the 1820s and Bolshe-Okhtensky Avenue from the 1880s to 1956

Ilyinsky Bolshoy Bridge

ILIINSKY BOLSHOY BRIDGE (Ilyinsky, Okhtinsky No.3), across the Okhta River, along Revolution Highway. Named after the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet. Constructed in 1912, it replaced a wooden bridge

Krasnogvardeysky District

KRASNOGVARDEYSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 52 Sredneokhtinsky Avenue). It was established in 1973. It was named in honour of the Petrograd Red Guards

Piskarevsky Avenue

PISKAREVSKY AVENUE between Sverdlovskaya Embankment and the upper Okhta River near Novaya Village. It crosses Polyustrovo, Piskarevka (hence the name), and Ruchi


POLYUSTROVO, an area on the right bank of the Neva River, confined with Marshal Blucher Avenue in the north and with Polyustrovsky Avenue and Revolyutsii Freeway in the south, while in the east it is bordered with the railway junction line

Revolyutsii Freeway

REVOLYUTSII FREEWAY (until 1923 Porokhovskoe Freeway), between Piskarevsky Avenue and Kommuny Street. It was named after the October Revolution. The road was constructed in the first quarter of the 18th century as the road to the powder-mill (hence

Rzhevka, area

RZHEVKA, an area in the north-east of St. Petersburg, on the left bank of the Okhta River, to the north-east of Porokhovye. Since the 1730s, the Rzhevskaya Settlement, owned by Captain V.F. Rzhevsky (hence the name), was located there