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Entries / Water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo

Water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

Water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo; the water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo Town (Detskoye Selo Town, Pushkin Town) and Pavlovsk Town . In the middle of the 18th cent. the water supply system designed by P. Ostrovski was constructed for the supplying of the Imperial residence from Vittelevsky springs. In the 1770s –1780s F.V. Bauer constructed the new spring water supply system from the Taitsi springs. Nevertheless there was no united water pipe system in the town. Opened canals were used partly for the water supply and the wooden pipes were used partly for the water supply too; citizens used the well water. In the second half of the 19th cent. the population began to rise, the quality of supply water deteriorated due to the incomplete design of the water supply system, the shortage of water began appeare periodically. In 1887 the first tower water supply system was constructed to the design of M.I. Altukhov and two water towers: the Orlov Water Tower and the Pevcheskaya (Ghorus) were constructed too. Nevertheless the problem was not solved and in 1901-1904 the up-to-date water supply system was constructed, it used the water from the Orlov springs ( springs was situated to the 14 kilimeters South-West of Tsarskoye Selo). Water, by gravity, was conducted into settling tank by means of two water pipes and from this settling tank water was supplyed into the well of the water pumping station and then water was supplyed tanks of the water towers. Branch pipe to Pavlovsk was constructed using the well at the Orlov Gates. The residential house, boilerhouse with three Cornish boilers and three Vortingtong pumps, economizer room, engine room, workshop, office, bath-house and laundary were built at the station. All buildings were lit with electricity. The water of the Orlov springs had the highest quality according to analyses. The special commission under the heading of V. E. Timonov supervised on the water supply system constructing that was realized by the Ministry of Transport. Rb 1,640,000 were spent for this project. Since 1905 Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk were provided by the necessary volumes of the pure water due to this project. In 1910-1914 eight pumping constructions were built at the place of the Orlov springs. In this condition, water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo worked until the Great Patriotic War and it was seriously damaged during the battles and the occupation of Pushkin Town and Pavlovsk Town.

Altukhov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Bauer Fedor Villimovich
Ostrovsky, Pyetr
Timonov Vsevolod Evgenievich

Pavlovsk, town
Pushkin, town

Дмитриев В.Д. Новый царскосельский водопровод // Строительный рынок. 2007. № 6-7 (101). URL: http://www.ccr.ru/?id=7978

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19 January. In the Alexander Palace Nicholas II received the workers deputation after the incident "Bloody Sunday" on 9 January in Petersburg. 50 000 roubles were assigned for the families of suffered men, this was told during the meeting.
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


The second water-main of the Orlovsky sluice was being built and started. The engineer I.Kalinin was the chief of
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


The building company UNR-53 carried out the repairing works on the track of the Orlov Water Supply System; 16 additional wells were bored, fifteen kilometres of the track with pipes of large diameter was laid, the Orlov Water Tower was modernized
Source: Tsarskoe Selo