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The Admiralty (“Holland”)

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The architectural ensemble of the Admiralty or “Holland” consisted of three pavilions and Sailor’s house was included in the Great Pond view of the Catherine park. Earlier, from the times of Elizabeth Petrovna in different secluded parts of the park there was a wooden shed where was a boat for the Empress’s boating on the lake and sailor crew lived, as well as a shed for aquatic birds. Instead of broken sheds during 1773-1777 V.I. Neyelov built stone buildings with the Gothic style facades. Towers, lancet windows, merlon gables and parapets, red brick facing were used for creating the Gothic style. White decorative moulded details and surrounds of windows formed the elegant and well-decorated viewing. The plinth wall was made of dark-red Shoksha porphyry was chosen to match the colour of the façade. The ensemble was devoted to the annexing of ancient Taurida to the Russian Empire.
The middle pavilion was used as a Boat shed where the Tsarskoye Selo flotilla boats were kept in the ground floor. In summer time the boats were given for boating in the Great Lake to all people who was interested in it, they even queued at the Great Pier. Inside there was a model of the seventy-gun navy ship “Leipzig”, a South-American boat-pirogue, oars and another rigging that was kept here in winter. The Large Hall, decorated with white glazed Holland style tiles, occupied the first floor. English etchings and drawings, pictures with depicting ruins, the famous Gottorpsky Globe was can seen here.
The identical side pavilions of the Admiralty – the Bird Houses – were used for keeping birds: swans, pheasants, geese and ducks of especially exotic species. In small decorative yards and in a pavilion there were pools for the wintering of birds. During his morning walks, Alexander I liked to feed birds by himself, he put on a special glove for feeding.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Alexander I, Emperor
Elizaveta Petrovna, Empress
Neelov Vasily Ivanovich

Ekaterininsky Park/Pushkin, town

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Gottorp Globe

Barracks of the Fourth Life Guard Rifle Imperial Family Regiment

The barracks occupies the whole area opposite the Catherine Park and the Admiralty on Parkovaya Street and limited by Kadetsky Boulevard, Krasnoy Zvezdi (Red Star) Street and Ogorodnaya Street
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

The 1780s

The improvement of the Catherine Park (the Old Garden) was continued. The Cameron Gallery, Agate Rooms (the Cold Bath), Upper Bath, Lower Bath, building of the Admiralty, Concert Hall, Hall on the Island and other park constructions were built
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

The Guard (Naval) Company

The Guard (Naval) Company was the first guards unit of the Russia Navy. It was established in February 16 (27), 1810 on the basis of the Rowing Company established by Peter the First in 1710