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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1901 - 1925

13 February. Literary critic, publicist R.I. Ivanov-Razumnik was arrested, for the first time, he was charged with "conspiracy of Left Esers (Socialist-Revolutionary Party)" that was not exist.

The spring. Active mobilization took place in Detskoye Selo. Many members of VKP(b) and Komsomol went to the east front. Among them N.I. Tatarintsev, the chairman of the Soviet (council of workers' and soldiers' deputies), and the future stratonaut А.B. Vasenko.

20 October. Detachments of General Yudenich entered Tsarskoye Selo, detachments were met by many rejoicing citizens of Tsarskoye Selo that were so- called "counter-revolutionaries". On 21-23 October, in the district of Moskovskaya Slavyanka settlement, the battle of the Whites with the working unit of members of Komsomol took place, the general battle was near the Aleksandrovskaya Station. The armored train No.6 named after V.I. Lenin and armored train no. 44 named after Volodarsky decided the result of the battle. The troops of General Yudenich retreated .

November. The ceremonial funeral of the Detskoye Selo Communard who perished in Narva Town - P.I. Ilyin, the first chairman of the Uyezd Committee, N.G. Pishchulin, A.O.Kustov - took place at the Kazansky cemetery.

The centre "All-Russian Society of Naturalists" was opened in the former mansion of Shuvalova (the house is not preserved) according to the recommendation of A.V. Lunacharsky.

The repair workshop of the steam and motor rollers and other road machineries was founded. The Pushkin Repair-Mechanics Plant was organized on the basis of this workshop. In the 1920s - 1930s the workshop was placed at the buildings of the Lower Stables but in 1940 the workshop was moved in Novoderevenskaya Street .

The famous piano teacher Ignaty Albertovich Glyasser opened the music school at the house no.6 in Pavlovsk Road.

Glyasser, Ignaty Albertovich
Ilyin, P.I.
Ivanov-Razumnik (real name Razumnik Vasilievich Ivanov)
Kustov, A.O.
Lunacharsky Anatoly Vasilievich
Pishchulin, N.G.
Tatarintsev, Nikolay Ivanovich
Vasenko, Andrey Bogdanovich
Yudenich Nikolay Nikolaevich

Novoderevenskaya Street/Pushkin, town
Pavlovskoe Freeway/Pushkin, town

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