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The subject index / Gazanevsky Culture

Gazanevsky Culture

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Art and Literary Associations

GAZANEVSKY CULTURE, also known as Gazanevsky Exhibitions and Gazanevshchina, an unofficial artistic movement of the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. The name is derived from the first legal exhibitions of nonconformist artists held at the Gaza House of Culture from 22 to 25 December 1974 and at the Nevsky House of Culture from 10 to 20 September 1975 with about 50 and 90 artists represented, respectively. The exhibitions included works of the following artists: E. Z. Abeshaus, A. D. Arefyev, A. N. Basin, A. P. Belkin, G. S. Bogomolov, Y. A. Vinkovetsky, V. V. Gavrilchik, A. B. Gennadiev, Y. A. Zharkikh, G. G. Zubkov, V. A. Mishin, V. A. Ovchinnikov, E. L. Rukhin, I. V. Tyulpanov, V. N. Shagin. Major milestones of Leningrad's independent culture, the exhibitions created a burst of interest in contemporary art, with a wide variety of trends - from abstractionism and pop-art to various salon forms - displayed to the public for the first time. Gazanevsky culture brought out a number of underground artists who did not join the Union of Artists and denied the canons of socialist realism. It also initiated a series of legal group exhibitions of independent art and favoured the so-called flat exhibitions, a trend that appeared back in 1960s. Members of the Gazanevsky Culture founded the Fellowship of Experimental Exhibitions in late 1975 and the Fellowship of Experimental Fine Arts in November 1981; further exhibitions were arranged under the aegis of the latter.

Reference: Газаневская культура о себе / В компмляции и ред. А. Басина. Иерусалим, 1989.

O. L. Leikind, D. Y. Severyukhin.

Abeshaus Evgeny Zalmanovich
Arefiev Alexander Dmitrievich
Basin Anatoly Nisonovich
Belkin Anatoly Pavlovich (Paulevich)
Bogomolov Gleb Sergeevich
Gavrilchik Vladlen Vasilievich
Gaza Ivan Ivanovich
Gennadyev Andrey Borisovich
Mishin Valery Andreevich
Ovchinnikov Vladimir Afanasievich
Rukhin Evgeny Lvovich
Shagin Vladimir Nikolaevich
Tyulpanov Igor Vissarionovich
Vinkovetsky Yakov Aronovich
Zharkikh Yury Alexandrovich
Zubkov Gennady Gerasimovich

Газаневская культура о себе / В композиции и ред. А. Басина. Иерусалим, 1989


Arefyev А.D. (1931-1978), painter

AREFYEV Alexander Dmitrievich (1931-1978), painter. Lived in Leningrad from his childhood, he studied in a secondary drawing school in 1942-49, expelled from the ninth grade for formalism, studied at the Medical Institute in 1950-53

Rukhin Evgeny Lvovich (1943-1976), artist

RUKHIN Evgeny Lvovich (1943-1976, Leningrad), artist. He studied at the geological department of the Leningrad State University (1961-66). In 1964-65 visited lectures at the Leningrad Mukhina Highest Artistic and Industrial School