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Leningrad Panorama, journal

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LENINGRADSKAYA PANORAMA (The Leningrad Panorama), a monthly illustrated journal of the Leningrad City and Regional Soviets of People's Deputies. In 1982 replaced the journal Stroitelstvo i arhitektura Leningrada, from 1991 was known as St. Petersburg Panorama, from September 1993 through to November 1996 the publishing was interrupted, subsequently resumed as an information analytical journal (with the last issue in 1999, No 3). The Leningradskaya Panorama published materials on the progress of the city and region social and economic development plans, economic achievements, advanced industrial technologies; it covered essential issues of the agricultural complex development, construction, architecture, city economy, infrastructure and communications, services, improvement and preservation of the environment. Here the prospectives of city development, urban planning concepts, building and territory (districts) reconstruction projects were discussed. Publications on the history of the city, its streets, buildings and other objects, as well as prominent citizens were of particular interest. Special attention was paid to the issues of the preservation of historical and cultural legacies, as well as of the historical city centre, suburban palace and park ensembles restoration. In 1990 the journal re-edited chapters from M. I. Pylyaev's book Old Petersburg, in 1992 - M. L. Mikhaylov's semi-documentary essays Petersburg and its suburbs.

M. G. Khugayeva.

Mikhaylov Mikhail Larionovich
Pylyaev Mikhail Ivanovich

Publications on Regional Ethnography (entry)

PUBLICATIONS ON REGIONAL ETHNOGRAPHY include books and articles devoted to one or another district or territory. Foreigners who visited the city from the 1710s were the first to publish information about St. Petersburg. The work by А. I

Stroitelstvo i Arkhitektura Leningrada, journal (Leningrad Architecture and Construction Journal)

STROITELSTVO I ARKHITEKTURA LENINGRADA, journal (Leningrad Architecture And Construction Journal), monthly illustrated journal, on the theory and practice of architecture, engineering and construction