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The subject index / Novaya Zhizn (New Life), newspaper (1917-1918)

Novaya Zhizn (New Life), newspaper (1917-1918)

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Newspapers

NOVAYA ZHIZN (New Life), a public literary daily newspaper which appeared in Petrograd from 18 April (1 May) 1917 until 16 July 1918 (with a total of 354 issues). A. N. Tikhonov was the official publisher (real name А. Serebrov) but it was M. Gorky who founded and edited the paper also covering the costs of publishing through his own assets and from money received from the Bank of Siberia and some other publishers. The Headquarters were located at 64 Nevsky Prospect and the editorial office at 26 Shpalernaya Street. The staff included political and public figures such as B. V. Avilov, V. А. Bazarov, D. Y. Dalin, V. A. Desnitsky, А. V. Lunacharsky, N. N. Sukhanov, G. V. Tsyperovich et al. (with most of them belonging to the Social Democrat Party, i.e. the Mensheviks), writers and poets V. Y. Bryusov, Е. I. Zamyatin, V. V. Mayakovsky, М. М. Prishvin et al. The paper advocated the principles of International Socialism, raising its voice against WW I and the Civil War, and after the events of October 1917 harshly criticised Bolshevik policy. Gorky's notes on the Russian Revolution from Untimely Thoughts triggered a particularly strong public reaction. Based on the platform conceptualised by a group of Novaya Zhizn authors in January 1918, the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (internationalists) was established. In 1918, Novaya Zhizn became the mouthpiece of the anti-Bolshevik independent workers' movement, operating in Petrograd within extraordinary assemblies of factory and plant delegates. On 16 July 1918, the publication was closed down by resolution of the Commissariat of Press and Propaganda of the Petrograd Commune.

References: Горький А. М. Несвоевременные мысли и рассуждения о революции и культуре (1917-1918 гг.). М., 1990; Чураков Д. О. Организованный рабочий протест и становление Советского государства. М., 2003.

D. O. Churakov.

Avilov Boris Vasilievich
Bazarov (real name Rudnev) Vladimir Alexandrovich
Bryusov Valery Yakovlevich
Dalin D.Y.
Desnitsky Vasily Alexandrovich
Gorky Maxim (Alexey Maximovich Peshkov)
Lunacharsky Anatoly Vasilievich
Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich
Prishvin Mikhail Mikhailovich
Sukhanov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Tikhonov Alexander Nikolaevich
Tsyperovich Grigory Vladimirovich
Zamyatin Evgeny Ivanovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 64
Shpalernaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 26

Горький А. М. Несвоевременные мысли и рассуждения о революции и культуре (1917-1918 гг.) . М., 1990
Чураков Д. О. Организованный рабочий протест и становление Сов. гос-ва. М., 2003

Gorky Maxim (1868-1936), writer

GORKY Maxim (real name Maxim Peshkov) (1868-1936), writer, playwright, publicist, public figure. First visited St. Petersburg in September–October 1899. In 1900 joined the Znanie Publishing Company; and headed it for over ten years

Lenin V.I. (1870-1924), revolutionary, statesman

LENIN (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924), political figure, statesman and writer. Upon graduating from the Simbirsk Gymnasium (1887), he entered the Faculty of Law of Kazan University; in the same year got involved in student protests

Lunacharsky A.V. (1875-1933), revolutionary, statesman

LUNACHARSKY Anatoly Vasilievich (1875-1933), Soviet statesman and party figure, playwright, literary critic, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1930)

Martov L. (1873-1923), revolutionary

MARTOV L. (born Yuly Osipovich Tsederbaum) (1873-1923), political figure, publicist. In 1881 he settled in St. Petersburg together with his parents; after graduating from the 1st Petersburg Gymnasium (1891) he entered the chair of Natural Sciences

Rubinsteina Street

RUBINSTEINA STREET (from 1739 - Golovin Lane, after house-owner Count F.A. Golovin; from 1798 - Troitsky Lane, after the Metochion of Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius located at 44 Fontanka River Embankment, in 1887-1929 Troitskaya Street)