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Admiral Kuznetsov Naval Academy

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ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV NAVAL ACADEMY (NA) (73/1 Vyborgskaya Embankment). Established in April, 1919, on the basis of Nikolaevsky Marine Academy for preparing command and command-engineering personnel for the Soviet Navy. It was renamed the Naval Academy of the Worker-Peasants' Red Fleet in 1922, and was given Voroshilov's name in 1931. The Higher Navy Courses were instituted at the NA in 1925 to train high-ranking officers. They were later renamed Courses for Command Personnel Training, and then Academic Courses for Officers. The NA's current building was constructed in 1938-40 (architects A.I. Vasilyev, A.P. Romanovsky). The Navy Shipbuilding and Armament Academy was created on the basis of the NA engineering faculties in 1945, and the two academies merged in 1960, which was first named after Marshal A.A. Grechko, and in 1990 after Admiral N.G. Kuznetsov. The NA is one of the leading Russian centers for the development of naval art, as well as preparation and use of naval force and facilities.

Reference: Краткая история / Воен.-мор. акад. им. А. А. Гречко. Л., 1977.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Grechko Andrey Antonovich
Kuznetsov Nikolay Germanovich
Romanovsky Andrey Petrovich
Vasilyev Alexander Viktorovich
Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich

Vyborgskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 73/1

Военно-морская академия им. А. А. Гречко. Ленинград: Крат. история. Л., 1977

Isakov I.S.(1894-1967), Аdmiral

ISAKOV Ivan Stepanovich (1894-1967), Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet (1955), Hero of the Soviet Union (1965), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), Doctor of Naval Sciences (1946)

Nikolaevsky Naval Academy

NIKOLAEVSKY NAVAL ACADEMY was named after Emperor Nicholas I, and founded in 1877 on the basis of the Academic Course of Marine Sciences (1862), which had been called the Higher Officers Class of the Naval Cadet Corps (1827-62)

Stroganovsky Garden

STROGANOVSKY GARDEN is located between Ushakovskaya Embankment and Chernaya Rechka River, near the inflow to the Bolshaya Nevka River. The garden was laid out at the end of the 18th century in the estate of Count A. S. Stroganov, hence the name

Ushakovskaya Embankment

USHAKOVSKAYA EMBANKMENT, on the right bank of the Bolshaya Nevka River, from Chernaya Rechka River Embankment to Akademika Krylova Street. The embankment is an extension of Vyborgskaya Embankment

Voskresensky I. N. (1862-1943), manager of Izhorsky Plants

VOSKRESENSKY Ivan Nikanorovich (1862-1943), shipbuilder, Lieutenant General in 1913, Professor from 1937, honoured scientist and engineer of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1942