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Marble Palace

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Palaces

MARBLE PALACE (1/5 Millionnaya Street), an architectural monument of early Neoclassicism. It was constructed in 1768-1785 (architect A. Rinaldi) for Count G.G. Orlov, a favourite of Empress Catherine II. The main facade of the monumental building overlooks the courtyard, is faced as is the other facade with various types of marble (hence the name) and features complicated decor. It is joined to the outbuilding (1780-88, architect P.E. Egorov) by a wrought-iron lattice fence. The interior decor was created by the modeller A. Bernasconi, sculptors FI. Shubin and M.I. Kozlovsky, interior designers were S. Torelli, F.D. Danilov and F.L. Foсht, joiner H. Meyer. The original decor of the front staircase and the double tiers of windows, lighting the Marble hall has survived. In 1795, the Marble Palace was bestowed to Grand Princess Konstantin Pavlovich. In 1797-1798, in the Marble Palace the former king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth S. Poniatowski lived. In 1803-1811, the interior decor was created under the supervision of the architect A.N. Voronikhin. In 1843-1851, the interiors were redesigned and decorated in the style of Eclecticism for Grand Prince Konstantin Nikolaevich (architect A.P. Bryullov, modellers T. and P. Dylev, artist F. Wunderlich, sculptor P. Catozzi), the palace's church was renovated and new icons were painted by artists T. Neff, K. Dusi, M.I. Skotti and P.M. Shamshin. In 1844-1847, architect A.R. Bryullov reconstructed the outbuilding; the frieze of the facade was executed by sculptor P.K. Klodt. Since 1849, the Marble Palace was named Konstantinovsky. Under the following owner, Grand Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, the Marble Palace became a centre of St. Peterburg literary and musical life. The house was visited by poets K.K. Sluchevsky and A.A. Fet, composer P.I. Tchaikovsky, artist V.M. Vasnetsov; there the owner's plays were staged. The apartments were redecorated and refurbished by architect A.K. Giorguli. After October 1917 the Marble Palace housed the Peoples’ Commissariat of Labour; in 1919-1936, the State Academy of the History of Material Culture; in 1937-1991 - Museum of V.I. Lenin. During the siege of 1941-1944 the facades of the Marble Palace suffered greatly (in 1951-1955 they were restored). In 1974-1975, the Marble hall was restored; in 1979-1980 - the front staircase. Since 1992, the Marble Palace has been a branch of the Russian Museum (step-by-step restoration is being carried out). In 1997, the monument to Emperor Alexander III by sculptor P P. Trubetskoy was placed the Marble Palace's courtyard, earlier it had been in the courtyard of the Russian Museum (the armoured car Enemy of Capital stood there until 1991 when it was given to the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Signal Troops).

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V. V. Antonov.

Alexander III, Emperor
Bernasconi Federico
Bryullov Boris Pavlovich
Catherine II, Empress
Catozzi Pavel (Paolo)
Danilov Fedor Danilovich
Dusi Cosroe
Dylev Peter Petrovich
Dylev Timofey Petrovich
Egorov Peter Egorovich
Fet Afanasy Afanasievich
Focht F.L.
Giorguli Anton Kiriakovich
Klodt von Jurgensburg Peter Karlovich
Konstantin Konstantinovich, Grand Prince
Konstantin Nikolaevich, Grand Prince
Konstantin Pavlovich, Grand Prince
Kostiushko Tadeush
Kozlovsky Mikhail Ivanovich
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
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Poniatowski Stanislaw August, King
Rinaldi Antonio
Scotti Mikhail Ivanovich
Shamshin Peter Mikhailovich
Shubin Fedot Ivanovich
Sluchevsky Konstantin Konstantinovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich
Torelli Stefano
Trubetskoy Pavel (Paolo) Petrovich, Duke
Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich
Voronikhin Andrey Nikiforovich
Wunderlich Fedor Ivanovich

Millionnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 5/1

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