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The subject index / Circle of Artists, Creative Association

Circle of Artists, Creative Association

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Art and Literary Associations

CIRCLE OF ARTISTS, also known as the Circle Society of Artists, a creative association made up of graduates of the Higher Art and Technical Institute under the Central Technical Drawing School and the Academy of Arts, founded in 1926 to include over 40 painters, graphic artists, and sculptors such as L. R. Britanishsky, M. F. Verbov, D. E. Zagoskin, B. E. Kaplyansky, N. S. Mogilevsky, P. A. Osolodkov, V. V. Pakulin, the chairman, A. F. Pakhomov, A. I. Poret, A. I. Rusakov, A. N. Samokhvalov, G. N. Traugot, and S. A. Chugunov. Searching for a contemporary style, members of the society studied world traditions and strove to depict modern life, both generally and monumentally. The society held three exhibitions in the State Russian Museum (1927, 1928, and 1929), one each at the House of Education Workers (1927) and the Krasny Treugolnik Factory Club (1929), and participated in an exhibition by the Group of Modern Leningrad Artists (1928-29) and the First City Exhibition of Fine Arts (1930). They also arranged an exhibition in Kiev (1930). The exhibitions usually involved lectures and debates. Several artists left the society in 1929, including Samokhvalov, Britanishsky, Chugunov, Verbov and Zagoskin. The society often held its meetings in Pakulin and Pakhomov's flat at 15 Liteiny Avenue. Though it continued to exist officially until 1932, it ceased to exhibit after 1930.

Reference: Самохвалов А. Н. Общество "Круг художников" // Творчество. 1967. № 2. С. 14-16; Шихирева О. Н. К истории общества "Круг художников" // Советское искусствознание, 82. М., 1983. Вып. 1. С. 297-326.

A. V. Krusanov.

Britanishsky Lev
Chugunov Sergey Alexandrovich
Kaplyansky Boris Evseevich
Mogilevsky Naum Semenovich
Osolodkov Peter Alexeevich
Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich
Pakulin Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
Porett Alisa Ivanovna
Rusakov Alexander Isaakievich
Samokhvalov Alexander Nikolaevich
Traugot Georgy Nikolaevich
Verbov Mikhail Fedorovich
Zagoskin David Efimovich

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 15

Самохвалов А. Н. Общество «Круг художников» // Творчество, 1967
Шихирева О. Н. К истории общества «Круг художников» // Советское искусствознание, 82. М., 1983

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Artistic Unions (entry)

ARTISTIC UNIONS are unions of artists organized for the purposes of establishing joint ideas and aesthetic programmes, developing professional activity, maintaining educational and promotional efforts and charity

Pakhomov A.F., (1900-1973), Artist

PAKHOMOV Alexey Fedorovich (1900-1973, Leningrad) graphic artist, painter, people's artist of the USSR (1971), full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1964). Lived in Petrograd from 1915

Pakulin V.V. (1900-1951), artist

PAKULIN Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (1900-1951, Leningrad), painter, graphic artist, theatre artist. He studied at the Central School of Technical Drawing (1916-18, 1920-22) under V.N. Solovyev, V.B. Guretsky, and I.S

Samokhvalov A.N., (1894-1971), artist

SAMOKHVALOV Alexander Nikolaevich (1894-1971, Leningrad), painter, graphic artist, theatre artist, sculptor. Studied at the Architecture Department of the Academy of Arts (1914-18) under V.A. Belyaev and G.R