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The subject index / Synagogue Grand Choral

Synagogue Grand Choral

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Religious Architecture (see also Religion.Church)
Categories / Religion. Church/Places of Worship (see also Architecture and Urban Planning)

THE GRAND CHORAL SYNAGOGUE, located at 2 Lermontovsky Avenue. An architectural monument, constructed in 1883-93 for the needs of the Judaic community of St. Petersburg. The construction was financed by Baron G. E. Ginzburg (architects I. I. Shaposhnikov and L. I. Bakhman, with the assistance of architect V. A. Schreter). The building was crowned with a large cupola and rests on a stylobate and is separated from the street by a tracery grille (1913, architect A. D. Schwarzmann). The facades were decorated in Arabesque style; the prayer hall holds 1,200 people. A hospice and House of Jewish Schools function under the care of the Synagogue Grand Choral. The services at the Grand Choral Synagogue have never ceased, even during the Siege of 1941-44.

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S. V. Boglachev.

Bakhman Lev Isaakovich
Ginzburg Horace Evzelevich
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Shaposhnikov Ivan Ivanovich

Lermontovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

Гессен В. Ю. Санкт-Петербургская хоральная синагога // История Петербурга, 2001


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