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Army Medical Academy

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ARMY MEDICAL ACADEMY situated at 6 Akademika Lebedeva Street, an educational institution providing training for army doctors. A unique scientific and medical centre. It was founded in 1798 as the Petersburg Medical and Surgical Academy based on a medical and surgical school. Ranked as one of the best educational institutions in the empire, it was known as the Imperial Medical and Surgical Academy from 1808. A member of the Medical and Surgical Academy (Army Medical Academy) had the rights, liabilities, and benefits of a member of the Academy of Sciences. The academy received its present-day name in 1881 and was named after S. M. Kirov from 1935 to the start of the 1990s. In 1956, it was united with the Naval Medical Academy established on the basis of Obukhovskaya Hospital and the Third Leningrad Medical Institute in 1940. The academy had six faculties, 61 departments, 30 clinics, 16 research laboratories, and two research centres in 2002. It played a major role in the development of Russian natural science and medicine. Memorial plaques perpetuate the names of N. N. Anichkov, M. I. Arinkin, V. M. Bekhterev, E. I. Bogdanovsky, S. P. Botkin, A. P. Borodin, Z. M. Volynsky, S. S. Girgolav, I. I. Grekov, N. N. Zinin, I. S. Kolesnikov, A. P. Kolesov, N. S. Korotkov, N. P. Kravkov, A. Y. Krassovsky, P. A. Kupriyanov, S. V. Lebedev, M. S. Maslov, A. V. Melnikov, N. S. Molchanov, A. A. Nechaev, V. A. Oppel, L. A. Orbeli, V. P. Osipov, E. N. Pavlovsky, I. P. Pavlov, V. V. Petrov, I. R. Petrov, N. I. Pirogov, I. M. Sechenov, V. N. Tonkov, S. P. Fedorov, K. M. Figurnov, N. Y. Chistovich, V. N. Shamov, and V. N. Shevkunenko. There is a monument to Y. V. Ville installed in the park of the academy, a monument to Botkin in front of the former Mikhailovskaya Hospital, a monument to Pirogov on the territory of the former Obukhovskaya Hospital, a monument to Pirogov and busts of Bogdanovsky and Fedorov in the former Clinical Hospital, a monument to H. I. Turner in the yard of the department of military traumatology and orthopedics, and a monument to all army doctors who fell in action on Voennykh Medikov Square (Square of Army Doctors) by architect Y. K. Mityurev and sculptor B. A. Petrov in 1996. The main building follows the style of Russian classicism, designed by architect A. Porto in 1798. There are picturesque panels based on sketches by artist D. Bernasconi retained in the entrance hall (former conference hall) and a sculpture of the goddess of health Hygeia installed in front of the building.

References: Профессора Военно-медицинской (Медико-хирургической) академии (1798-1998). СПб., 1998; Российская Военно-медицинская академия (1798-1998). СПб., 1998.

T. I. Grekova.

Anichkov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Arinkin Mikhail Innokentievich
Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhailovich
Bernasconi Giuseppe
Bogdanovsky Evstafy Ivanovich
Borodin Alexander Porfirievich
Botkin Sergey Petrovich
Chistovich Nikolay Yakovlevich
Fedorov Sergey Petrovich
Figurnov Konstantin Mikhailovich
Girgolav Semen Semenovich
Grekov Ivan Ivanovich
Kolesnikov Ivan Stepanovich
Kolesov Anatoly Panteleimonovich
Korotkov Nikolay Sergeevich
Krassovsky Anton Yakovlevich
Kravkov Nikolay Pavlovich
Kupriyanov Peter Andreevich
Lebedev Sergey Vasilievich
Maslov Mikhail Stepanovich
Melnikov Alexander Vasilievich
Mityurev Yury Konstantinovich
Molchanov Nikolay Semenovich
Nechaev Alexander Afanasievich
Oppel Vladimir Andreevich
Orbeli Leon (Levon) Abgarovich
Osipov Viktor Petrovich
Pavlov Ivan Petrovich
Pavlovsky Evgeny Nikolaevich
Petrov Boris Anatolievich
Petrov Ioakim Romanovich
Petrov Vasily Vladimirovich
Pirogov Nikolay Ivanovich
Porto Antonio
Sechenov Ivan Mikhailovich
Shamov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Shevkunenko Viktor Nikolaevich
Tonkov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Turner Henrich Ivanovich
Volynsky Zinovy Moiseevich
Willie Yakov (James) Vasilievich
Zinin Nikolay Nikolaevich

Akademika Lebedeva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 6

Российская Военно-медицинсая академия (1798-1998). СПб., 1998
Профессора Военно-медицинской (Медико-хирургической) академии (1798-1998). СПб., 1998

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