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The subject index / Women’s Pedagogical Institute

Women’s Pedagogical Institute

Categories / Science. Education/Educational Institutions

WOMEN’S Pedagogical Institute was an institution of higher education of the Department of Institutions of Empress Maria. It was established in 1903 on the basis of the Pedagogical Courses of the St. Petersburg Girls’ Gymnasia. Two departments were established: the Department of Philology and History and the Department of Physics and Mathematics. The institute trained teachers for women’s educational institutions and for the junior forms of boys’ gymnasia. It also trained home governesses and form-masters. Admission was competitive, based on references and the results of competitive examinations. Education lasted for four to four-and-a-half years. The students did practical teaching at the orphanage-day nursery, children's garden, elementary school and the girls’ gymnasia attached to the institute. S. P. Glazenap, P. F. Kapterev, S. F. Platonov (the first director), A. E. Presnyakov, P. N. Sakulin, M. R. Fasmer, Y. M. Shokalsky were among the lecturers of the institute. The building at 26 Malaya Posadskaya Street was reconstructed for the institute in 1904-06 (architects A. I. Zazersky, E. V. Starostin). In 1918, it was transformed into the First Petrograd State Pedagogical Institute. It was united with A. I. Herzen Pedagogical Institute in 1922.

А. P. Kupaygorodskaya.

Glazenap Sergey Pavlovich
Herzen Alexander Ivanovich
Kapterev P.F.
Maria Fedorovna, Empress
Platonov Sergey Fedorovich
Presnyakov Alexander Evgenievich
Sakulin Pavel Nikitich
Shokalsky Yuly Mikhailovich
Starostin Vasily Vasilievich
Vasmer Max
Zazersky Alexey Ivanovich

Malaya Posadskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 26

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Empress Maria's Department of Institutions
Pedagogical University

Lebedev S.V., (1874-1934), chemist

LEBEDEV Sergey Vasilievich (1874-1934), chemist, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1932). Graduated from the Department of Natural Science of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of St. Petersburg in 1900

Main Pedagogical Institute

MAIN PEDAGOGICAL INSTITUTE is an institution of higher education for training teachers for secondary schools and for state and private institutions of higher education

Pedagogical University

PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, situated at 48 Moika River Embankment. It originates from the Imperial Foster Home founded in 1797

Platonov S.F., (1860-1933), historian

PLATONOV Sergey Fedorovich (1860-1933), historian, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1920). He lived in St. Petersburg from 1869. Graduated from the faculty of history and philology of the University of St. Petersburg in 1882

Posadskaya Malaya Street

POSADSKAYA MALAYA STREET, on Petrogradskaya Side, between Kamennoostrovsky Avenue and Chapaeva Street. The road appeared in the 1720s in the settlement of craftspeople and tradespeople, transferred to St

Presnyakov A.E., (1870-1929), historian

PRESNYAKOV Alexander Evgenievich (1870-1929, Leningrad), historian, collegiate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1920). He came to St. Petersburg in 1889 and entered the faculty of history and philology of the University of St

Sultanov N.V. (1850-1908), architect

SULTANOV NIKOLAY VLADIMIROVICH (1850, St. Petersburg- 1908), an architect, a restorer, a historian of architecture, Academician of Architecture (1893), a representative of so-called Russian style