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Dmitriev N.V. (1856-1918), arhcitect

DMITRIEV Nikolay Vsevolodovich (1856-1918), architect. Graduated from the Construction School (1876). In 1885-1903, he worked as an architect for the Gatchina Palace Administration and for the town of Gatchina

Dmitrievsky A.A. (1856-1929), theologian

DMITRIEVSKY Alexey Afanasievich (1856-1929, Leningrad), theologian and church historian, Doctor of Church History (1896), corresponding member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1903). Dmitrievsky graduated from Kazan Theological Academy in 1882

Dobiash-Rozhdestvenskaya O.A., (1874-1939), historian

DOBIASH-ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Olga Antonovna (1874-1939), historian, palaeographer, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929). Wife of D.S. Rozhdestvensky. Lived in St

Dobrolyubov N. A. (1836-1861), critic, publicist

DOBROLYUBOV Nikolay Alexandrovich (1836-1861, St. Petersburg), critic, publicist, poet. Studied at the Nizhegorodsky Theological Academy and Seminary. From 1853 lived in St. Petersburg

Dobrolyubova Avenue

DOBROLYUBOVA AVENUE, running from Kronverksky Avenue to Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side. Laid in the 1860s along the route of a filled-in section of the Zhdanovka River

Dobuzhinsky M.V. (1875-1957), artist

DOBUZHINSKY Mstislav Valeryanovich (1875-1957), graphic artist, painter and stage designer. He studied in the Drawing School of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts in 1884-85, A

Dogel A.S., (1852-1922), histologist

DOGEL Alexander Stanislavovich (1852-1922, Petrograd), histologist, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1894). Graduated from Kazan University in 1879

Dokuchaev Central Museum of Soil Science

DOKUCHAEV CENTRAL MUSEUM OF SOIL SCIENCE (6 Birzhevoy Passage) is the first ever museum of soil science. The museum was established in 1902 on the initiative of V. V. Dokuchaev as the Soil Museum of the Free Economic Society

Dokuchaev V.V., (1846-1903), soil scientist

DOKUCHAEV Vasily Vasilievich (1846-1903), naturalist, soil scientist. In 1871, graduated from the Science Department of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Petersburg University

Dolgoe Lake

DOLGOE LAKE, one of the largest residential areas. Located in the North-West of St. Petersburg, it neighbours Kolomyagi in the east, Commandant's Aerodrome in the southeast and Yuntolovo Forest Estate in the west

Dolgorukov Family

DOLGORUKOV (Dolgoruky), princely family, the Rurik Dinasty, important in the 15th century. Yakov Fedorovich Dolgorukov (1639-1720, St. Petersburg) was a statesman, associate of Peter the Great's, boyar (1697)

Dolgoye Lake

DOLGOYE LAKE (Long Lake) is located in the northern St. Petersburg at the crossing of Olkhovskaya Street and Koroleva Avenue. Before the 18th century, it was named Pitkyyarvi ("long lake")

Doll Museum

DOLL MUSEUM situated at 8 Kamskaya Street. It was founded by Poteshny Promysel Company in 1998 and opened in 1999 with a number of private collections forming the basis of the stocks enlarged by antique and modern original dolls

Dom Intermedy, cabaret theatre

DOM INTERMEDY (Intermezzo House), one of the first cabaret theatres in St. Petersburg. Opened in October 1910, it occupied the premises of the concert hall of Shebeko N.N

Domestic Chapel (entry)

DOMESTIC CHAPEL, churches in private houses, palaces, state, military and public institutions, academic establishments, prisons etc. The first Domestic chapels emerged in St

Dominic Cafe

DOMINIC. The first Russian cafe-restaurant, opened in May 1841 at 24 Nevsky Prospect by "pastry shop master" Dominique Ritz Aport, a native of Switzerland, "for the satisfaction of people of class"

Donon Restaurant

DONON. A restaurant opened in 1849 by the entrepreneur Zh.B. Donon at 24 Moika River Embankment, in the building of the former Saint George Restaurant and Cafe, which existed from the early 1840s. Donon was one of St


DORMITORIES. A living-quarters system for a large number of people living together, present in St. Petersburg from the first days of the city’s existence. The first builders of the city lived, as a rule, in large groups

Dostoevskogo Street

DOSTOEVSKOGO STREET, running from Kuznechny Lane to Sotsialisticheskaya Street. In 1739-99, the main part of the street was called Skatertnaya; the length extending from Svechnoy Lane to Ruzovskaya Street bore the name Semenovskaya Street (after the

Dostoevsky F. M. (1821-1881), writer

DOSTOEVSKY Fedor Mikhaylovich (1821-1881, St. Petersburg), writer, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1877). In 1837 came to St. Petersburg

Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum

DOSTOEVSKY LITERARY MEMORIAL MUSEUM ( 5/2 Kuznechny Lane), opened 13.11.1971 in the house where F. M. Dostoevsky rented his last flat since 1878 and where he died on 28.1.1881. R. G

Dovlatov S.D. (1941-1990), writer

DOVLATOV Sergey Donatovich (1941-1990), prose writer. Studied at the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University (didn't finish his degree). In 1962 he was conscripted into the army

Dow George, (1781-1829), artist

DOW George (1781-1829), an English painter, honorary associate of the Academy of Arts from 1820. He studied under T. Lawrence in the Royal Academy of Arts in London from 1796 to 1810. Invited by Emperor Alexander I, he lived in St

Drachevsky D.V., Head of City Administration,1907-14

DRACHEVSKY Daniil Vasilievich (1858-1918), statesman, Major General (1905), Major General of the Suite (1909). Graduated from Konstantinovskoe Artillery College (1876) and from Nikolaevskaya Academy of the General Staff in St. Petersburg (1887)

Dragoon Life Guards Regiment

DRAGOON LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, Cavalry Guards Regiment, raised on 3.4.1814 in Versailles near Paris as a Horse Chasseur Regiment, on 30 April 1814 was designated the Horse Chasseur Life Guards Regiment and was granted the privileges of the New Guards

Drama Theatre (entry)

DRAMA THEATRE. The performances of the theatre of Tsar Peter the Great's sister, Tsarevna Natalia Alexeevna (from 1714) can be considered as the first attempts to establish a standing public theatre in St. Petersburg

Dramatic Theatre on Liteiny

DRAMATIC THEATRE ON LITEINY, Regional (51 Liteiny Avenue) was the Drama and Comedy Theatre before1990. It was first opened in 1945 as the Youth Theatre Studio under the guidance of Alexander Wiener, but had no premises

Drankov А.O. (1880-1948), cinematographer

DRANKOV Alexander Osipovich (1880, St. Petersburg - 1948), photographer, film manufacturer, film director, and cameraman. One of the founders of the national cinema, he opened the first Russian film production studio in 1907

Drinking Establishments

DRINKING ESTABLISHMENTS. Special places where alcoholic beverages are sold to be drunk on the premises appeared in St. Petersburg in the first years of its existence

Drozd V.P.(1906-1943) Vice Admiral

DROZD Valentin Petrovich (1906-1943), Soviet military commander, Vice Admiral (1941). Graduated from Frunze Military Naval Academy (1928). In 1938-40, served as commander of the Northern Fleet

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