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TORFYANOE, an area to the north of St. Petersburg, between Pargolovo in the west and Parnas industrial zone in the east. The name comes from a village of the same name that appeared in the late 1920s owing to peat digging developed in this region

Torgovy Bridge

TORGOVY BRIDGE (Trade Bridge; in 1797 Sredny, Middle, Bridge), across Kryukov Canal, joining Soyuza Pechatnikov Street (former Torgovaya Street, hence the name) and Teatralnaya Square


TORIKI, an area to the south-west of St. Petersburg, to the west of Gorelovo railway station, along Anninskoe Freeway. In the early 18th century, Konstantinovka village was located on this site

Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre

TOVSTONOGOV BOLSHOY DRAMA THEATRE (BDT), academic theater located at 65 Fontanka Embankment, founded in 1919 by the joint effort of A.A. Blok (director), M. Gorky (in 1932-92 bore his name) and M.F

Tovstonogov G.A., (1913-1989), director

TOVSTONOGOV Georgy Alexandrovich (1913-1989, Leningrad), director, pedagogue, theatre worker, People's Artist of the USSR (1957), Hero of Socialist Labour (1983), corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of GDR (1983)

Town Council

TOWN COUNCIL, the organ of city government. In St. Petersburg it was set up in the 1710s by the Tsar Peter the Great as an organ for management of merchants and commerce. It was located in Troitskaya Square

Townspeople (Posadsky)

TOWNPEOPLE (POSADSKY), name of the taxpayer populations (including St. Petersburg) in the 17th - the early 18th century. From 1721 townspeople were officially named "citizens", divided on regular lines of status - individuals possessing capital

Toy Museum

TOY MUSEUM situated at 32 Karpovka River Embankment. It was founded in 1994 and opened in 1997 as a non-governmental cultural institution supported by private firms

Tozelli А., (?-1826 or 1827), artist

TOZELLI Angelo (? - 1826 or 1827), architect and painter. An emigrant from Italy, he came to St. Petersburg in 1816. While here, he worked as a scene painter for the Imperial Theatres. He was the painter of the unique St

Trade House of the Guards' Economic Society

TRADE HOUSE OF THE GUARDS' ECONOMIC SOCIETY (21-23 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street) is the monument of architecture of the early 20th century, combining features of the Art Nouveau style and the retrospective style (see Neoclassicism)

Trade Route between the Varangians and the Greeks

TRADE ROUTE BETWEEN THE VARANGIANS AND THE GREEKS was a route connecting Scandinavia (Varangians) with Byzantium (Greeks). It started from the Baltic Sea, passed along the Neva River, Ladoga Lake, the Volkhov River, Ilmen Lake, the Lovat River

Trade Unions (general article)

TRADE UNIONS, mass organisations that unite wage workers and salary workers to protect their economic rights and professional interests in the sphere of production, service and culture

Traitteur Vasily Karlovich (Wilhelm, Guillaume; 1788-1859), engineer, bridge builder

TRAITTEUR VASILY KARLOVICH (WILHELM, GUILLAUME) (1788-1859), engineer, lithographer, Major General (1830). Immigrant from Germany. In 1814-1831, he was in the Russian service. In 1816, he created the first lithograph in Russia

Traktirs (entry)

TRAKTIRS. Taverns, inns, and hotels with restaurants (eating-houses); from the second half of the 19th century, they were much like restaurants, but of a lower rank. In St

Traktornaya Street

TRAKTORNAYA STREET, from Stachek Avenue to Sivkov Lane. The street was laid on the place of Krylova Lane and named so in 1926 in commemoration of the output of the first tractors at the Krasny Putilovets plant (present-day Kirov Plant)

Tram Depots

TRAM DEPOTS, enterprises providing special facilities and equipment for parking, maintenance and repair of tramway cars. The first Tram Depot (Petersburg Tram Depot


TRAMWAY (borrowed into Russian as the word derived from English tram (carriage) and way), a means of city rail transport. Three kinds of tramways are known: horse-drawn (see Horse-tram)

Trauberg L.Z. (1902-1990), film director

TRAUBERG Leonid Zakharovich (1902-1990), film director, script writer, teacher, Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1967), People’s Artist of the USSR (1987). Studied at the Comic Opera Studio in Petrograd

Travelling Art Exhibitions, Society for

TRAVELLING ART EXHIBITIONS, The Society for (TPHV), an artistic association. It was established in 1870 by St. Petersburg and Moscow artists N. N. Ge, I. N. Kramskoy, K. E. Makovsky, G. G. Myasoedov, V. G. Perov, I. M. Pryanishnikov, A. K

Treasures, Archaeological

TREASURES, ARCHAEOLOGICAL. Sets of objects buried in the ground or other out-of-the-way places by their owners. In St. Petersburg and its outskirts, archaeological treasures have been found repeatedly throughout the course of various construction

Trediakovsky V.K. (1703-1768), the Poet

TREDIAKOVSKY Vasily Kirillovich (1703-1768, St. Petersburg) poet, philologist. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1745). From 1723, he studied at the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy in Moscow; from 1725

Tregubovich Viktor Ivanovich (1935-1992), film director

TREGUBOVICH Viktor Ivanovich (1935-1992, St. Petersburg), film director, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1987), honoured worker of the arts of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1976)

Trepov D.F. temporary governor-general in 1905

TREPOV Dmitry Fedorovich (1855-1906, St. Petersburg), statesman and combat leader, major-general (1900), major-general of His Imperial Majesty retinue (1903). The son of F.F. Trepov. He graduated from Page Corps school in St

Trepov F.F. the Chief of the Police in 1866-78

TREPOV Fedor Fedorovich (1809-1889, St. Petersburg), statesman, cavalry general (1878), adjutant-general (1867). The father of D.F. Trepov. In 1826-27 he studied at the Central Engineering school in St. Petersburg

Treshnikov А.F. (1914-1991), geographer

TRESHNIKOV Alexey Fedorovich (1914-1991, St. Petersburg), geographer, oceanologist, polar explorer, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1981 and Hero of Socialist Labour in 1949. He graduated from Leningrad State University in 1939

Treugolnik, creative association

TREUGOLNIK, the artistic psychological group Treugolnik was one of the first unions of Russian avant-garde artists. It was founded on the initiative of Nikolay Kulbin. Its members (M.E. Anders, Avgust Ballier, G.K

Trezzini D. (1670-1734), architect.

TREZZINI Domenico (circa 1670-1734), Italian of Swiss descent, architect, city-planner, representative of the Petrine Baroque (Peter's the Great epoch). From 1703, lived in Russia

Trezzini Pietro Antonio (1692-1760s), architect

TREZZINI Pietro Antonio (1692-1760s), architect, representative of the Baroque style. A native of Italian Switzerland, studied in Milan. From 1726 lived in St. Petersburg, initially worked independently

Tri Iskusstva (The Three Arts), journal

TRI ISKUSSTVA (The Three Arts), a non-commercial journal for architects, artists and designers published from 1998, produced with a frequency of one to two issues per year

Tributs V.F.(1900-1977), Admiral

TRIBUTS Vladimir Fillippovich (1900, St. Petersburg 1977), military commander, Admiral (1943), Doctor of History (1972). Graduated from Petrograd Military School for Medical Assistants (1917), was a medic assistant in the combined regiment of P.E

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