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Centrobalt (Baltic Fleet Central Committee)

CENTROBALT (Baltic Fleet Central Committee), elected body, set up on 28-30 April (11-13 May).1917 in Helsingfors (Baltic Fleet headquarters). The first membership of Centrobalt included 33 people; the chairman was Bolshevik P.E. Dybenko

Commandants of Peter and Paul Fortress

COMMANDANTS OF PETER AND PAUL FORTRESS, military officials, in charge of Ss. Peter-and-Paul Fortress, and garrisons and establishments located on its territory

Guards Corps Staff

GUARDS CORPS STAFF, the organisational authority of the guards. Set up in the late 18th century as the Chancellery of the Guards Commander, from 1817, known as the Guards General Staff, and from 1828 as the Staff of the Guards Commander

Main Headquarters

MAIN HEADQUARTERS, supreme military administrative body in pre-revolutionary Russia. Established in 1815 as the Main Headquarters of His Imperial Majesty, administered the activities of the army

Martial Law

MARTIAL LAW, a special state-legal regime, instituted on the territory of a country, some areas (city, region) or economic spheres (transport, industry) in time of war, or when there is a military danger or emergency situation (natural disasters

Military Collegium

MILITARY COLLEGIUM, a central government institution, army headquarters. Founded in 1719. The collegium occupied various buildings in the Admiralteyskaya and Liteinaya sections of the city; aside from this

Military Commandant's Office of the St. Petersburg Garrison

MILITARY COMMANDANT'S OFFICE of the St. Petersburg Garrison (3 Sadovaya Street), exercises control over the garrison forces and military personnel, stationed on the territory of St

Military District

MILITARY DISTRICT (MD) of St. Petersburg (1864-1914), Petrograd (1914-24), Leningrad (from 1924), highest military-administrative unit of the armed forces, exercising control over troops, institutions, organisations

Ministry of the Navy

MINISTRY OF THE NAVY, one of the Russian Navy Administration's central public institutions, responsible for naval units and facilities, recruitment, logistics and maintenance, and combat activity

Ministry of War

MINISTRY OF WAR (in 1802-08, called the Ministry of Land Forces), a central government institution, military headquarters in the 19th - early 20th centuries. Instituted according to the Manifesto of 8 September 1802

Naval Revolutionary Committee

NAVAL REVOLUTIONARY COMMITTEE (NRC), established on 26.10(8.11)1917 in Smolny at the meeting of the delegates of Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Fleets and Flotillas