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Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies

PETERSBURG SOVIET OF WORKERS' DEPUTIES, formed on 13 October 1905 during the General Strike of October 1905. The founding sitting of the Soviet, with the participation of 40 delegates from factories and plants from all over the capital

Petrograd Bureau of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks)

PETROGRAD BUREAU OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF RUSSIAN COMMUNIST PARTY (OF BOLSHEVIKS), established no later than 8 March 1918 in connection with the move of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) and the Soviet of People's

Petrograd Commune

PETROGRAD COMMUNE (the commune of Petrogradskaya province as of September of 1920), Petrograd consumer commune, the cooperative economic organization, was established in spring of 1919 (officially registered on September 25, 1919)

Petrograd Defence Committee

PETROGRAD DEFENCE COMMITTEE (the Committee of workers' Petrograd defence), emergency government authority. Established on May 3, 1919 on the basis of Working people and peasants' defence soviet resolution of May 2, 1919

Petrograd Labour Commune

PETROGRAD LABOUR COMMUNE, the name of Petrograd Soviet since March of 1918, after the Soviet government had been transferred to Moscow. The functions of the Executive Committee of Petrograd Labour Commune were performed by Commissars' Soviet

Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee

PETROGRAD MILITARY REVOLUTIONARY COMMITTEE, the emergency body of Petrograd Soviet which functioned at the time of preparation and conducting of October Revolution of 1917

Petrograd Revolutionary Defence Committee

PETROGRAD REVOLUTIONARY DEFENCE COMMITTEE, an emergency body, was established on February 21, 1918 at the plenary session of Petrograd Soviet for the purpose of the organization of city defence against approaching German forces

Petrograd Soviet of peasants' deputies

PETROGRAD SOVIET OF PEASANTS' DEPUTIES (until May of 1917 was called the Soviet of peasants' deputies of Petrograd garrison), established on April 14 (27 New Style), 1917 (280 deputies represented about 300 thousand of garrison soldiers)

Petrograd Soviet of working people' and soldiers' deputies

PETROGRAD SOVIET OF WORKING PEOPLE' AND SOLDIERS' DEPUTIES (Petrograd Soviet), was established on February 27 (March 12 New Style), 1917 as Petrograd Soviet of working people's deputies; on March 1 (14 New Style) it united with Petrograd Soviet of


RATHAUS, the supreme authority of municipal government, established in St. Petersburg in 1798 by order of emperor Paul I instead of the abolished bodies of local government instituted by Cities Letter of Grant of 1785

St. Petersburg Administration

ST. PETERSBURG ADMINISTRATION, a permanent top executive organ of state power on the territory of the city, successor of the city hall. St. Petersburg Administration was formed by the law of St

Town Council

TOWN COUNCIL, the organ of city government. In St. Petersburg it was set up in the 1710s by the Tsar Peter the Great as an organ for management of merchants and commerce. It was located in Troitskaya Square

Union of Communes of the Northern Region

UNION OF COMMUNES OF THE NORTHERN REGION (Northern Commune, Northern Region), an association of regional Soviets formed in April-May 1918, including the Petrogradskaya, Vologodskaya, Pskovskaya, Novgorodskaya, Olonetskaya

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