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Architects of Our City, publication series

ARCHITECTS OF OUR CITY, the series of publications about outstanding architects of St. Petersburg - Leningrad published by the Leningrad Publishing House from 1971. The series contains books about the life and work of S. I. Chevakinsky, M. G

Essays of Leningrad History, Multiple Volume Edition

ESSAYS OF LENINGRAD HISTORY, a scientific publication carried out by the Leningrad Department of the Institute of History of the USSR of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1955-89 (volumes 1-7)

Fenomen Peterburga (Petersburg Phenomenon), publication series

FENOMEN PETERBURGA (Petersburg Phenomenon), a collection of scientific publications of the International Conference organised by the Petersburg Phenomenon Scientific, Cultural and Educational Centre in association with St

Khudozhestvennye Sokrovishcha Rossii (The Art Treasures of Russia), album

KHUDOZHESTVENNYE SOKROVISHCHA ROSSII (The Art Treasures of Russia), a monthly album, published in 1901-07 by the Society for Encouragement of Artists (the editorial office was located at 83 Moika River Embankment)

Kraevedcheskie Zapiski (Notes of Regional Ethnography), periodical

KRAEVEDCHESKIE ZAPISKI (Notes of Regional Ethnography), a historic and ethnographic almanac published from 1993 until 2003 by the Museum of St. Petersburg History (eight issues). It contained articles and materials on various aspects of St

Minuvshee (Past Times), almanac

MINUVSHEE (Past Times), an almanac (volumes 1-25, 1986-1999; edited by V. Е. Alloy,1945-2001, and А. I. Dobkin,1950-1998), was virtually the successor to Pamyat collection shut down in 1982

Nevsky Arkhiv (The Neva Archive), almanac

NEVSKY ARKHIV (The Neva Archive), a historical and ethnographic collection printed biannually, circulating in St. Petersburg from 1993 (with 6 issues released by 2004), under the editorship of its compilers А. V. Kobak, А. I. Dobkin (until 1997), V

Nevsky Bibliofil (The Neva Bibliophile), almanac

NEVSKY BIBLIOFIL (The Neva Bibliophile), an almanac published annually illustrated publication of the St. Petersburg Free Society of Bibliophiles, founded in 1996 and edited by V. A

Pamyat (Memory), collection

PAMYAT (Memory), a collection of historic material (issues 1-5, 1976-82), published in New York by Khronika Press Publishing house (first issue) and in Paris by YMKA-Press (2-4 issues) and La Presse Libre (fifth issue) publishing houses

Peterburgsky sbornik (Petersburg Collection), 1846

PETERBURGSKY SBORNIK (Petersburg Collection), published by N. Nekrasov (St. Petersburg, 1846). Among others it included works by V. G. Belinsky, Iskander (pseudonym of A. I. Herzen), V. F. Odoevsky, N. A. Nekrasov, F. M. Dostoevsky, I. I. Panaev, V

Peterburgskye Chteniya (Petersburg Readings), almanac

PETERBURGSKYE CHTENIYA (Petersburg Readings), a collection of conference reports, of a series of scientific conferences held in 1992-99 by the St. Petersburg Researchers Association, the St. Petersburg Union of Architects of Russia and the St

Polyarnaya Zvezda (The Polar Star), almanac

POLYARNAYA ZVEZDA (The Polar Star), literary almanac (pocket book for lovers of Russian literature), published by А. А. the Bestuzhev (Marlinsky) and K. F. Ryleev

Severnye Tsvety (Northern Flowers), almanac

SEVERNYE TSVETY, Northern Flowers, a literary almanac, which appeared annually from 1825 until 1832 coming up with a total of eight issues. Founded and published by А. А

Skify (Scythians), almanac

SKIFY (Scythians), a literary collection. Under A. I. Ivanchin-Pisarev's, Ivanov-Razumnik's, S. D. Mstislavsky's editorship the year 1917 saw a publication of the first of the two released issues, followed in 1918 by the second under A

The Physiology of Petersburg, miscellany, 1845

THE PHYSIOLOGY OF PETERSBURG, parts 1 and 2, 1845, St. Petersburg, collected sketches, compiled of works of noted Russian writers under Nikolay Nekrasov's editorship in bookseller A. Ivanov's publishing-house