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Skorokhod Factory

SKOROKHOD (33 Zastavskaya Street) is an open joint-stock company, one of the biggest factories of footwear industry. It was founded in 1882 as the factory of the Association Of Mechanical Footwear Production (before 1896 the factory was located at

St. Petersburg Mint

ST. PETERSBURG MINT, a state enterprise located at 6 Peter and Paul Fortress, was part of the Goznak Company Group of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

St. Petersburg Powder Mill

POWDER MILL, Zeleiny Plant, the first enterprise for production of powder (Russian zelye, hence the other name) in St. Petersburg. The mill was founded in 1710 in the north-west part of Berezovy Island at the end of the cut-through

Steel-Rolling Plant

STEEL-ROLLING PLANT (8 Twenty Fifth Line of Vasilievsky Island) is an open joint-stock company, a diversified enterprise with a full metallurgical production cycle. It originates from the bronze casting enterprise of F. Chopin (registered in 1857)

Sverdlov, Plant

SVERDLOV (4 Sverdlovskaya Embankment), a closed joint-stock company from 1996, a machine-tool plant, the largest national manufacturer of highly automated multi-purpose systems for advanced metal working technologies. Founded by J

Svetlana Factory

SVETLANA FACTORY (27 Engelsa Avenue) is an open joint-stock company (from 1993), the largest factory in design and manufacturing of powerful electric vacuum tubes and microelectronics

Tapestry Manufacture

TAPESTRY MANUFACTORY was the first large tapestry-making enterprise in Russia, operating from 1717 till 1856, and laying the foundation for a new artistic craft in Russia. The first specialists, a group of weavers headed by P. Camus came to St

Tobacco Factories (entry)

TOBACCO FACTORIES. The first tobacco factory was founded in St. Petersburg by Theophil Boucher, native of Lubeck, in 1767. The contract stipulated that the factory should produce up to 6,000 tons of tobacco per year


VAGONMASH (115 Moskovsky Avenue), closed joint-stock company, a large car production facility. It was founded by F.K. Reschtke, native of Saxony (Rechkin in Russian version), as a metalworking plant in 1874

Vereteno Spinning Factory

VERETENO (223-225 Obvodny Canal Embankment), open joint-stock company, one of the oldest enterprises of spinning production. It was founded as Kalininskaya (later Russian) cotton-spinning manufactory in 1835

Volodarsky Printing House

VOLODARSKY PRINTING HOUSE (59 Fontanka River Embankment) is the main production facility of Lenizdat Publishers. Originally called the Printing House of the State Medical Collegium, it was founded in 1795 on Aptekarsky Island

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