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Persons / Trauberg Leonid Zakharovich actor , pedagogue , writer
Trauberg L.Z. (1902-1990), film director

TRAUBERG Leonid Zakharovich (1902-1990), film director, script writer, teacher, Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1967), People’s Artist of the USSR (1987). Studied at the Comic Opera Studio in Petrograd

Andzhan Anton Iosifovich (1892-1974), make-up artist

ANDZHAN Anton Iosifovich (1892-1974), make-up artist, Honoured Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1967). He worked as a make-up artist in St. Petersburg’s theatres and worked on the most prominent actors of the Alexandrinsky Theatre

Chaykovsky B.V. (1888-1924), film director

CHAYKOVSKY Boris Vitalyevich (1888-1924, Leningrad), film director, script writer, and teacher. He worked as a film director and script writer at film companies of A. Drankov, A. Taldykin, A. Khanzhonkov, et al. from 1909

Chirkov B.P. (1901-1982), film actor

CHIRKOV Boris Petrovich (1901-1982), film and theatre actor, author of books and articles, People’s Artist of the USSR (1950) and Hero of Socialist Labour (1975)

Eney Е.Е., (1890-1971), cinema artist

ENEY Evgeny Evgenievich (1890-1971, Leningrad), film designer, People’s Artist of the USSR in 1969. Studied at the Academy of Arts, Budapest, in 1910-14. Participated in the Civil War as a Hungarian Internationalist

Factory of Eccentricity

FACTORY OF ECCENTRICITY (FEKS), the creative association, existed in Petrograd (Leningrad) in 1922-26. The aesthetic programme of the Factory of Eccentricity stood close to the ideas of the Leftist Arts Front and V. E. Meyerhold’s and V. V

Kozintsev G.M. (1905-1973), film director

KOZINTSEV Grigory Mikhailovich (1905 - 1973, Leningrad), director, script writer, teacher, People’s Artist of the USSR (1964). Studied first at the Kiev Painting High School, and from 1920 at the Higher State Art and Technical Workshops

Lenfilm, Film Studio

LENFILM (10 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue), film studio. Founded in 1918 as the Petrograd Cinema Committee under the People's Commissariat of Education (see also under Cinema). Its first feature film was Integration (Uplotnenie), written by A. V

Moskvin A. N. (1901-1961), cameraman

MOSKVIN Andrey Nikolaevich (1901, Tsarskoe Selo - 1961, Leningrad), cameraman, Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1935). Studied at the Institute of Railway Engineering. Worked with directors G. M

Shostakovich D.D., (1906-1975), composer

SHOSTAKOVICH Dmitry Dmitrievich (1906, St. Petersburg. - 1975), composer, pianist, pedagogue, People's Artist of the USSR (1954), Hero of Socialist Labor (1966). Honorary Doctor of Oxford (1958) and of many other foreign universities and academies

Zhakov О.P., (1905-1988), an actor

ZHAKOV Oleg Petrovich (1905-1988), actor, People’s Artist of the USSR (1969). Graduated from the Leningrad School of Stage Arts in 1929. He played about 60 roles in Russian cinema, starting with bit parts in films by G. M. Kozintsev and L. Z

Zheymo Y.B. (1909-1987), film actress

ZHEYMO Yanina Boleslavovna (1909-1987), film, variety, and theatre actress. She was a circus actress from childhood and variety actress in 1925-27. She graduated from the Factory of Eccentricity Workshop in 1929 and studied at the Leningrad