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Entries / Zheymo Y.B. (1909-1987), film actress

Zheymo Y.B. (1909-1987), film actress

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

ZHEYMO Yanina Boleslavovna (1909-1987), film, variety, and theatre actress. She was a circus actress from childhood and variety actress in 1925-27. She graduated from the Factory of Eccentricity Workshop in 1929 and studied at the Leningrad Institute of Screen Arts. She performed bit parts in G. M. Kozintsev and L. Z. Trauberg’s Mishkas Against Yudenich in 1926, Overcoat in 1926, Little Brother in 1927, Club of the Big Deed in 1927, and New Babylon in 1929. She became renowned playing teenager girls. Among her major roles were a Mari girl named Anuk in Song of Happiness directed by M. S. Donskoy and V. G. Legoshin in 1934 and Asya the Button in Friends directed by L. O. Arnstam in 1936. She played eccentric roles of schoolgirl Lenochka in Wake Lenochka in 1935 and Lenochka and Grapes in 1936 and Korzinkina in Adventures of Korzinkina in 1941, all directed by K. B. Minz. It was Cinderella, however, that became her most famous role performed in N. N. Kosheverova and M. G. Shapiro’s Cinderella in 1947. She wrote Curtain Rises: Reminiscences of the Actress published in Neva, issue No. 4, pages 97-135, in 1983.

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V. A. Kuznetsova.

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Zheymo Yanina Boleslavovna

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