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Entries / Tyarlevo, village

Tyarlevo, village

Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Vacation Houses, Spas and Resorts

TYARLEVO, formerly a village, from 1998 a municipal division in Pavlovsk administrative district located at the banks of the Tyarlevsky Brook and the Slavyanka River, and adjacent to Pavlovsky Park in the south. The population is over 800 people (2001). After the construction of Tsarskoselsky Railway it became a summer resort area including villages of Tyarlevo, Glazovo and Novoves. The village of Glazovo was re-planned under the project of architect Carl Rossi as early as in 1817, including the construction of a ring street and digging of ponds. Tyarlevo is considered a home of Russian track and field: young people taking their vacation here hold the first running contest in Russia in 1888. Later, Tyarlevo housed other contests in track and field with an increasingly expanding programme. In 1958, Tyarlevo was reorganized into an industrial community. The modern Tyarlevo houses a children’s sport school for training Olympic reserve weightlifting, a professional school, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Pushkinsky District, Podvorye restaurant, Pushkinsky District of Vodokanal, Nevskoye Agricultural Breeding Enterprise, NII, scientific research institute for electrification and mechanization of agricultural industry of Nechernozemye Belt of Russia, NII, the Scientific Research Institute for Animal Breeding Genetics, and Mariental Bakery Plant. The former Moskovskoye Highway along the thoroughfare from Pushkin to Yam-Izhora also relates to Tyarlevo. Tyarlevo is built-up with individual residential cottages.

Е. А. Bondarchuk.

Rossi Carl Ivanovich (Carlo Giovanni)