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Isaakievsky Bridge

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ISAAKIEVSKY BRIDGE, (St. Isaac’s Bridge) the first floating bridge over the Bolshaya Neva, opposite what is now Decembrist Square. It linked Admiralteysky Island with Vasilievsky Island. In 1727, the bridge was first launched. From 1732 it was launched annually (in 1856-1912 on the site of the present Dvortsovy Bridge). In 1819-21, it was rebuilt as a pontoon span bridge with strut-supported decks (engineers А.А. Bethencourt, V.K. Traitteur); the rubble abutments were faced with granite and rounded staircases. Isaakievsky Bridge burnt down in April of 1916. As for the bridge range, until 1844 there were approximately 70 projects designed, none of which were carried out - floating and permanent bridge projects, with most interesting designs being those of I.P. Kulibin (three timber, 1769-76, and three metal ones, 1806-15), of P.P. Bazen (two suspension, 1825-27, jointly with G. Lame and B. Clapeyron, three floating bridge projects), of N.I. Bogdanov (with lattice girders), of А. De Fontaine and S.B. Kerbedz (1841, suspension bridge projects).

D. Y. Guzevich.

Bazen Peter Petrovich
Bethencourt Avgustin Avgustinovich
Bogdanov Nikolay Ilyich
Clapeyron Benoit Paul Emile
De Fontaine A.
Kerbedz Stanislav Valerianovich
Kulibin Ivan Petrovich
Lame Gabriel
Traitteur Vasily Karlovich (Wilhelm, Guillaume)

Dekabristov Square/Saint Petersburg, city

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BRIDGES, an integral part of the urban planning structure and architectural appearance of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the city numbered 342 bridges of various kinds and types; in Kronstadt: 5 bridges, Pushkin: 54 bridges, Petrodvorets: 51 bridges

Dvortsovy Bridge

DVORTSOVY BRIDGE (1918-52 Republican Bridge, in honour of the Soviet Republic), across the Bolshaya Neva, joining Dvortsovy Passage with Birzhevaya (Stock Market) Square. Named after the Winter Palace

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FLOATING BRIDGES, temporary bridges on floating objects (ferries, pontoons, barges etc.), were used from the early 18th century. The first floating bridge was the one that linked Berezovy and Zayachy islands

Traitteur Vasily Karlovich (Wilhelm, Guillaume; 1788-1859), engineer, bridge builder

TRAITTEUR VASILY KARLOVICH (WILHELM, GUILLAUME) (1788-1859), engineer, lithographer, Major General (1830). Immigrant from Germany. In 1814-1831, he was in the Russian service. In 1816, he created the first lithograph in Russia