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Floating Bridges

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FLOATING BRIDGES, temporary bridges on floating objects (ferries, pontoons, barges etc.), were used from the early 18th century. The first floating bridge was the one that linked Berezovy and Zayachy islands. The second one, was, apparently, constructed in 1707 in the area of the present Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, but operated only for a short time. The third floating bridge was in use from 1712 to 1717 over the Chernaya River (today the Monastyrka River). In 1727, the floating Isaakievsky Bridge was constructed, which intermittently operated until 1912. Bridge building facilities of the 18th century meant that only floating bridges, with barges or pontoons could be used to span the major arms of the Neva. In the 19th century, floating bridges were constructed on pontoons, and had composite strut decks with the spans measuring 18 metres in the axis, with granite abutments. In 1758-1833 the Tuchkov Floating Bridge was in position over the Malaya Neva River. In 1758 Grenadersky Floating Bridge was constructed (in 1806 was relocated to the present location of Sampsonievsky Bridge). In 1760-1811 (possibly to 1813), Kamennoostrovsky floating bridge was in operation, from 1786 until the mid-19th century, Stroganovsky Floating Bridge. In 1786, Voskresensky Floating Bridge was constructed over the Neva River, linking Voskresensky Avenue with Vyborgskaya Side. In 1803, it was relocated to the Summer Garden and renamed Peterburgsky (in 1827 was replaced with Troitsky Floating Bridge, which existed until 1903). At the alignment of Voskresensky Avenue a new floating bridge was constructed, functioning until the completion of the Liteiny Bridge (1879). In the first half of the 19th century the three Elagin bridges, Krestovsky and Gutuevsky bridges were constructed. After this new floating bridges were virtually not constructed in St. Petersburg and the existing ones were continuously relocated. For instance, in 1849-75 Voskresensky Floating Bridge was placed at the location of the present Liteiny Bridge, in 1856-1912 Isaakievsky Bridge - where now the Dvortsovy Bridge stands. The last floating bridge linked the Volny and Goloday islands in 1901. By the start of the 20th century almost all floating bridges were replaced in St. Petersburg with permanent ones.

D. Y. Guzevich

Chernyshevskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city
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