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Kamennoostrovsky Bridge

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

KAMENNOOSTROVSKY BRIDGE (commonly referred to as Betankurovsky), over the Malaya Nevka River, links Aptekarsky and Kamenny Islands along the Kamennoostrovsky Avenue. In 1760 St. Petersburg's fourth boat bridge was built here (architect А. Wist). In 1812-13 the first timber arch bridge in Russia was constructed (engineer А.А. Bethencourt). It had seven spans, in 1833 a capital repair of the bridge was undertaken (engineer P.P. Bazen), while preserving the construction and strengthening the pile piers with cast-iron sockets (the work was carried out below the water level using special leather sacks). In 1859, strut-supported spans were built (engineer А.I. Stuckenberg). The present five-span bridge was constructed in 1952-53 (engineers V.V. Demchenko, B.B. Levin, architects P.А. Areshev, V.S. Vasilkovsky). The side spans are arched by two-span metal solid beams with curvilinear cutout below the chords. The middle opening span has two trunnion bascule wings. In 1999, major repairs of the bridge took place. Length: 180.7 metres, width: 27 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaya.

Areshev Peter Artemievich
Bazen Peter Petrovich
Bethencourt Avgustin Avgustinovich
Demchenko V.V.
Levin B.B.
Stuckenberg Anton Ivanovich
Vasilkovsky V.V.
Wist Alexander Franzevich

Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

Bethencourt A. A. (1758-1824), engineer.

BETHENCOURT Augustin Augustinovich (Augustin) (1758-1824, St. Petersburg), mechanical engineer, constructor, Lieutenant General (1809). Native of Spain. From 1808, he was in Russian service, from 1809

Floating Bridges

FLOATING BRIDGES, temporary bridges on floating objects (ferries, pontoons, barges etc.), were used from the early 18th century. The first floating bridge was the one that linked Berezovy and Zayachy islands