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Entries / Polenov A. L., (1871-1947), surgeon

Polenov A. L., (1871-1947), surgeon

Categories / Medicine. Public Health/Personalia

POLENOV Andrey Lvovich (1871-1947, Leningrad), one of the founders of Russian neurosurgery, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences (1946). He lived in St. Petersburg from 1888. Polenov graduated from the Military Medical Academy (1896). He was a founder (1917) and head of the Physical Surgical Institute (PSI) intended for rendering help to the wounded with injuries of the nervous system. After the joining of the PSI with the Orthopaedic Institute into the Traumatological Institute he became its head (1924-31). In 1931-38 Polenov headed the Department of Surgery. In 1938-47 he was director of the Neuro-Surgical Institute (memorial plaque, before the building there is a bronze bust of Polenov made in 1954 by sculptor N.V. Dydykin, architect Y. N. Smirnov). Polenov authored the first instruction on neurosurgery. He was buried in the Bolshe-Okhtinskoe Cemetery. One can see memorial plaque in the Surgical Department of the Military Naval Hospital (Кronstadt, 2 Manuilskogo Street).

References: Топоров Г. Н. А. Л. Поленов (1871-1947). М., 1889.

T. I. Grekova.

Dydykin Nikolay Vasilievich
Polenov Andrey Lvovich
Smirnov Yury Nikolaevich

Manuilskogo St./Kronshtadt, city, house 2

Топоров Г. Н. А. Л. Поленов (1871–1947). М., 1889

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