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Entries / Mikhnevich V.O. (1841-1899), writer, expert of regional ethnography

Mikhnevich V.O. (1841-1899), writer, expert of regional ethnography

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Personalia

MIKHNEVICH Vladimir Osipovich (1841-1899, St Petersburg) was a journalist, writer, historian of everyday life, expert of regional ethnography. In 1861-64, he studied at the Faculty of History and Philology at Kiev University but did not graduate. From 1865, he lived in St. Petersburg; he contributed to the newspaper Peterburgsky Listok and to the journal Zanoza. In 1869, he published the book Romances of the Cook and Camelia: Stories from Petersburg Life where he described everyday life and manners of various estates. From 1871, he was in charge of the weekly feuilleton For the Sake of Innocent Laughter in the journal Budilnik, in 1872-76, he published the Sunday Feuilleton in Syn Otechectva, from 1876 - in the newspaper Golos; he published articles about the Russian culture in other periodicals. In 1874, he published the historical-statistical guidebook The Whole of Petersburg on the Palm (volume 1 - historical description of St. Petersburg from the moment of its foundation, volume 2 - information about the structure of its population, its occupation etc.). In 1879-86, he published the anthology Historical Sketches of Russian Life (volumes 1-3, the last volume contains Sores of Petersburg where the author gave a picture of characters of various groups of the population of St. Petersburg at the end of the 1860-70s). In old age he participated in the activity of the Literary Fund, he bequeathed his library and two-thirds of his immovable property to it. He was buried on Literatorskie Mostki.

References: Сонина Е. С. Петербургский летописец Владимир Осипович Михневич // Петербургские чтения-95. СПб., 1995. С. 235-237.

V. B. Gendrikov.

Mikhnevich Vladimir Osipovich

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