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The subject index / Golos (The Voice), newspaper, 1863-1884

Golos (The Voice), newspaper, 1863-1884

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Newspapers

GOLOS (The Voice), a daily political and literary newspaper; was published from January 1863 to February 1883 under the editorship of its publisher А. А. Kraevsky (from 1871 jointly with V. А. Bilbasov). Enjoying the stature of Petersburg's most popular and influential newspapers, it was aimed at the practical implementation of the new reforms. Founded with a contribution of the Minister of People's Education V. A. Golovin, the Interior Minister P. A. Valuev and Financial Minister М. K. Reitern, in 1863-65 it received funding from the Ministry of People's Education; in the 1860s, however, it gained the reputation of an official publication. By retaining ties with the governmental circles the newspaper had access to the most up-to-date and authentic information. Its circulation in 1865-75 increased from 4,900 copies to 22,600. At various times among others А. N. Pleshcheev, P. D. Boborykin, V. P. Bezobrazov, V. V. Chuyko, G. А. Laroche, V. R. Zotov contributed to the Golos as staff writers. In 1881-82 the newspaper received a number of warnings; in February 1883 the publication was suspended for a noxious orientation (with a reservation to resume publication with preliminary censorship; however Kraevsky preferred to close it down). In the 1860s the editorial office was located at Kraevsky's house (36 Liteiny Avenue).

Reference: Степанов А. Н. Газета А. А. Краевского Голос (1863-1883) // Журналистика и литература. М., 1972. С. 138-148.

A. B. Muratov.

Bezobrazov Vladimir Pavlovich
Bilbasov Vasily Alexeevich
Boborykin Peter Dmitrievich
Chuyko V.V.
Golovnin Alexander Vasilievich
Kraevsky Andrey Alexandrovich
Laroche Hermann (Larosh German Avgustovich)
Pleshcheev Alexey Nikolaevich
Reitern Mikhail Khristoforovich
Valuev Peter Alexandrovich
Zotov Vladimir Rafailovich

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 36

Степанов А. Н. Газета А. А. Краевского "Голос" (1863-1883) // Журналистика и литература. М., 1972

Goncharov I.A. (1812-1891), writer

GONCHAROV Ivan Alexandrovich (1812-1891, St. Petersburg), writer, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1860). Graduated from the Philological Department of Moscow University (1834). In St. Petersburg from 1835

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Kraevsky А.А. (1810-1889), publisher

KRAEVSKY Andrey Alexandrovich (1810-1889, Pavlovsk, of the St. Petersburg province), publisher, journalist, public figure. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Moscow University (1828), and in 1831 settled in St. Petersburg

Mikhnevich V.O. (1841-1899), writer, expert of regional ethnography

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