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Entries / Kraevsky А.А. (1810-1889), publisher

Kraevsky А.А. (1810-1889), publisher

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Personalia
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KRAEVSKY Andrey Alexandrovich (1810-1889, Pavlovsk, of the St. Petersburg province), publisher, journalist, public figure. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Moscow University (1828), and in 1831 settled in St. Petersburg. A staff member in 1836-37 for Sovremennik, simultaneously in 1835-37 performed the functions of editorial assistant for the journal of the Ministry of People's Education. In 1837-39 he held the editorial position for the Literary Supplement to Russky Invalid, and in 1840 and 1844-45 of the Literaturnaya Gazeta. In 1847-52 he was editor of Russky Invalid, and in 1852-62 for Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti. From 1863 to 1884 he was the editor of Golos turning it into one of the best newspapers in Russia. From 1839 Kraevsky edited the journal Otechestvennye Zapiski (in 1868 leased the publishing rights to Nikolay Nekrasov, while retaining nominally the editor's position). Possessing both organisational and journalistic talent, among his contemporaries Kraevsky enjoyed the reputation of a hustler and merciless exploiter within the journalist business, one to whom Belinsky fell victim. Kraevsky was one of the initiators of establishing the Literary Foundation (1859), and one of the founding members of the Russian Telegraph Society (1866), as well as of the Society for the Relief of Impoverished for Indigent Theatre Workers (early 1880s). He was repeatedly elected the speaker of the Petersburg City Duma, during 10 years heading its commission on colleges, and actively contributing to the development of primary education (his initiative led to the opening of over 200 primary schools in St. Petersburg). One of the largest stake-holders of the Tsarskoselsky Railway, Kraevsky took active part in the activities of the Board. Kraevsky was also a member of the Imperial Archaeology Commission, Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Society for the Relief of City College Students. In the 1840s Kraevsky lived in the house of А. F. Lopatin (68/40 Nevsky Prospect), from the early 1860s - he lived at his own house at 36 Liteiny Avenue; buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

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A. B. Muratov.

Belinsky Vissarion Grigorievich
Kraevsky Andrey Alexandrovich
Lopatin Alexey Frolovich

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 36
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 68/40

Громова Л.П. А.А. Краевский - редактор и издатель. СПб, 2001
Орлов В. Н. Молодой Краевский // Орлов В. Н. Пути и судьбы. М.; Л., 1963

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