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Admiralteiskaya Embankment

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ADMIRALTEISKAYA EMBANKMENT, in 1918-44 - Roshalya Embankment in honour of revolutionary S. G. Roshal (1896-1917), lying between Dvortsovy Avenue and Dekabristov Square. Admiralteiskaya Embankment translated as Admiralty Embankment and was named after the Main Admiralty, which is located on it. It was laid out by architects V. M. Karlovich and S. S. Selyaninov in place of the closed Admiralty Shipyard in 1873-74. A broad boulevard was built here in 1875. On the embankment are Dvortsovaya Quay and Petrovskaya Quay built by engineer A. D. Gotman in 1820-24 and situated opposite the eastern pavilion and western pavilion of the Main Admiralty. Two groups of sculptures were installed in front of the pavilions in 1909 and 1910. These were Peter the Great Saving Drowning People in Lakhta in 1724 and the Carpenter Tsar, both by sculptor L. A. Bernstam and architect A. I. von Gogen. Though the sculptures were dismantled in 1918, a replica of the Carpenter Tsar presented to St. Petersburg by the Dutch government was installed in 1996. The embankment was built up with apartment houses in 1880s. V. A. Panaev's house and theatre were built by architect D. K. Prussak at 4 Admiralteiskaya Embankment in 1886-87 where F. I. Chaliapin made his debut in St. Petersburg in 1895. The house burnt down in 1917, a school built in its place. Building 8 was erected by architect M. E. Messmacher in 1885-91 as the palace of Grand Prince Mikhail Mikhailovich. In Soviet times, it accommodated the Chief Trade Administration of Leningrad. The Russian Public Insurance Company (ROSNO) has been located there since 1998. Building 10 was O. N. Rukavishnikova's apartment house built by architects A. F. Krasovsky and V. R. Kurzanov in 1880-81. Among lodgers were P. I. Tchaikovsky who lived there in 1890 and 1893 and Prince B. B. Golitsyn, a geophysicist and founder of seismology, in 1906-10. In Soviet times, it housed the Consulate General of the German Democratic Republic. Buildings 12 and 14 reconstructed by architects A. V. Druker and K. K. Tarasov in 1912-13 accommodated the Nobility Bank and Peasants' Bank until 1917.

Reference: Соловьева Т. А. К причалам Адмиралтейской наб. СПб., 1999. B. M. Kirikov.

Abamelik-Lazarev Semen Semenovich
Bergstresser Pavel Karlovich
Bernstam Leopold-Bernhard (Leopold Adolfovich)
Chaliapin Fedor Ivanovich
Druker Alexander Vasilievich
Gogen Alexander Ivanovich von
Golitsyn Boris Borisovich
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Karlovich Vladislav Mikhailovich
Kirikov Boris Mikhailovich
Krasovsky Alexander Fedorovich
Kurzanov Vladimir Rodionovich
Messmacher Maximilian Egorovich
Mikhail Mikhailovich, Grand Prince
Panaev V.A.
Prussak Dmitry Konstantinovich
Roshal Semen Grigorievich
Rukavishnikova O.N.
Selyaninov Semen Semenovich
Tarasov Konstantin Konstantinovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich

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Сычева Г. В., Сычев И. О. Адмиралтейская набережная, 8. Площадь Островского, 7. СПб., 1994
Соловьева Т. А. К причалам Адмиралтейской набережной. СПб., 1999

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