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Entries / Kibalchich N.I. (1853-1881), revolutionary, inventor

Kibalchich N.I. (1853-1881), revolutionary, inventor

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

KIBALCHICH Nikolay Ivanovich (1853-1881, St. Petersburg), participant of the revolutionary movement, inventor. On graduating from Novgorod-Seversk Gymnasium (1871), entered the Institute of Communications Engineers, in 1873 transferred to the Medical Surgical Academy, shortly afterwards joined the Revolutionary Populists, kept illegal literature in his flat. In 1875-78 was in prison. From late 1878 went underground. From the spring of 1879, Kibalchich was a member of Petersburg terrorist group Freedom or Death, worked out the technology for dynamite production in-home, headed an underground dynamite laboratory. Under pseudonyms contributed to Petersburg journals Slovo and Novoe Obozrenie. From August 1879, an agent of the Executive Committee of the People's Will, headed its dynamite laboratory, took part in the preparation of the assaults on Emperor Alexander II, made the dynamite for the explosion in the Winter Palace and the bombs, one of which was used to wound fatally Emperor Alexander II (see First March 1881). In April - May of 1880 stayed at the Serapinskaya Hotel on Zabalkansky Avenue (today 22 Moskovsky Avenue), in October - December 1880 - at 5/124 Nevsky Prospect (today 5/122), from the end of January of 1881 - at 83 Ligovsky Canal (today Ligovsky Avenue), where he was arrested on 17 March 1881 (memorial plaque). In prison he drafted designs for a jet aircraft. Tried for his participation in the First of March assassination was sentenced to death, and hung on 3 April 1881 on Semenovsky Parade Ground. In 1964 a new Street in Nevsky District was named after Kibalchich.

Reference: Иващенко В. И., Кравец А. С. Николай Кибальчич: Ист.-биогр. док. повесть. М., 1995.

A. N. Svalov.

Alexander II, Emperor
Kibalchich Nikolay Ivanovich

Kibalchicha St./Saint Petersburg, city
Ligovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 83
Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 22
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 122/5

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