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Entries / Dubrovin A. I. (1855-1921), public figure

Dubrovin A. I. (1855-1921), public figure

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

DUBROVIN Alexander Ivanovich (1855-1921) was a doctor, political and public figure, State Counsellor. On graduating from the Medical Surgical Academy (1879) he served as a military doctor. From 1889, he worked in children's orphanages of St. Petersburg. In the 1890s Dubrovin was a doctor of the Vocational School of Tsarevich Nicholas; he also had a profitable private practice, which allowed him to buy a five-storey apartment house. He was one of the organizers (1905) and Head of the Main Council of the Union of the Russian People. Dubrovin was a publisher and editor of its newspaper, Russian Banner. He was an organizer (1912) of the All-Russian Dubrovin's Union of the Russian People and had an appointment for life as its chairman. In the course of the February Revolution he was arrested on 28 February 1917 and imprisoned in Trubetskoy Bastion of St. Peter-and-Paul Fortress. He stood accused of plotting to murder Deputy of the State Duma M.Y. Herzenstein (1906), in participating in the murders of State Duma deputies G.B. Iollos (1907) and A.L. Karavaev (1908), and also of two attempts on the life of S. Y. Witte. The Special Committee of Inquiry of the Provisional Government did not find anything criminal in the actions of Dubrovin. On 14 October 1917, he was set free due to ill state of health. In October 1920, he was arrested by members of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission in Moscow and soon thereafter he was executed. Dubrovin was rehabilitated in 1998. In St. Petersburg Dubrovin had owned apartment houses in 4th Rota Street, 6th Rota Street and 5th Rota Street (today 4th Krasnoarmeiskaya Street and 5th Krasnoarmeiskaya Street).

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V. G. Makarov, A. V. Repnikov.

Dubrovin Alexander Ivanovich
Herzenstein Mikhail Yakovlevich
Iollos Grigory Borisovich
Karavaev A.L.
Nicholas II, Emperor
Witte Sergey Yulievich, Count

4th Krasnoarmeiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
5th Krasnoarmeiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

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