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Entries / Oleynikov N.M. (1898-1937), writer

Oleynikov N.M. (1898-1937), writer

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Personalia

OLEYNIKOV Nikolay Makarovich (pen-names Makar Svirepy, Nikolay Makarov, Sergey Kravtsov) (1898-1937, Leningrad), writer, journalist. Studied at Kamensk Teachers College. Took part in the Civil War. From 1925 lived in Leningrad. A member of Chinari Literary Group joined OBERIU (Association for Realistic Art). Contributed a lot to Leningrad children journals Novy Robinzon, Ezh (one of its founders in 1928) and Chizh (an initiator of its issue in 1930). Ironical works of Oleynikov deal with a certain set of themes developed in the author's original style, his main character is a philosophising city-inhabitant, a successor of Kozma Prutkov. He masterfully combines graphomania parody and high literary images. In 1937 he was arrested and executed by shooting following the order of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs Commission (NKVD). He lived at 9 Griboedova Canal Embankment (collective memorial plaque).

References: ...Сборище друзей, оставленных судьбою: Чинари в текстах, документах и исслед.: В 2 т. М., 2000. Т. 2.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Oleynikov Nikolay Makarovich

Griboedova Canal Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 9

"...Сборище друзей, оставленных судьбою": "Чинари" в текстах, док. и исслед.: В 2 т. М., 2000

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