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Merezhkovsky Salon

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Salons, Circles, Creative Associations and Unions

MEREZHKOVSKY SALON, one of the most significant centres of the Petersburg creative intelligentsia at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries. Masters of the house were husband and wife D. S. Merezhkovsky and Z. N. Gippius (in the marriage Merezhkovskaya); from 1905, their close friend critic and publicist D. V. Filosofov lived with them. From 1889, they rented a flat on the fourth floor of the house of Muruzi (24/27 Liteiny Avenue), later on the third floor of the same house, from 1912, they lived on 83 Sergievskaya Street (today Tchaikovskogo Street). Writers N. M. Minsky, F. Sologub, A. A. Blok, A. Bely, V. Y. Bryusov, Vyach. I. Ivanov, P. P. Pertsov, V. Pyast, philosophers V. V. Rozanov, N. A. Berdyaev, theologians V. A. Ternavtsev, A. V. Kartashev, V. V. Uspensky, members of the circle and later of the union the World of Art A. N. Benois, L. S. Bakst, V. F. Nouvel et al. met at the Merezhkovsky Salon. The programme of Religious-Philosophic Meetings was developed at literary soirees (they were held in 1901-03 in the hall of the Geographical Society in the building of the Ministry for People's Education, today 2 Lomonosova Square), the journal New Way was conceived, and problems of culture and religion, news of social and political life were discussed.

References: Белый А. Начало века. М., 1990; Кобак А.В., Лурье Л. Я. Дом Мурузи. Л., 1990; Гиппиус З. Н. Дневники: В 2 кн. М., 1999.

T. M. Dvinyatina.

Bakst Leon (real name Lev Samoilovich Rosenberg)
Bely Andrey (real name Bugaev Boris Nikolaevich)
Benois Alexander Nikolaevich
Berdyaev Nikolay Alexandrovich
Blok G.P.
Bryusov Valery Yakovlevich
Filosofov Dmitry Vladimirovich
Gippius Zinaida Nikolaevna
Ivanov Vyacheslav Ivanovich
Kartashev Anton Vladimirovich
Merezhkovsky Dmitry Sergeevich
Minsky (born Vilenkin) Nikolay Maximovich
Nouvel Walter Fedorovich
Pertsov Peter Petrovich
Pyast Vladimir Alexeevich
Rozanov Vasily Vasilievich
Sologub Fedor (real name Teternikov Fedor Kuzmich)
Ternavtsev Valentin Alexandrovich
Uspensky Vladimir Vasilievich

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 24/27
Lomonosova Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2
Tchaikovskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 83

Белый А. Начало века. М., 1990
Кобак А. В., Лурье Л. Я. Дом Мурузи. Л., 1990
Гиппиус З. Н. Дневники: В 2 кн. М., 1999

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World of Art, Association
Novy Put (New Way), newspaper

Bely Andrey (1880-1934), writer

BELY Andrey (real name and family name Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev) (1880-1934), writer. He graduated from the Natural Sciences Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University (1903)

Blok A.A. (1880-1921), poet

BLOK Alexander Alexanderovich (1880, St. Petersburg - 1921, Petrograd), poet. He was born in the house of his grandfather A.N. Beketov (9 Universitetskaya Embankment, the Rector's Building; memorial plaque)

Gippius Z.N. (1869-1945), writer

GIPPIUS Zinaida Nikolaevna (married name - Merezhkovskaya) (1869-1945), poet, literary critic, prose writer, author of memoirs. Mainly home educated. Her first poems were published in 1888. In 1889 she married D.S. Merezhkovsky and moved to St

Merezhkovsky D.S. (1865-1941), writer and philosopher

MEREZHKOVSKY Dmitry Sergeevich (1865, St. Petersburg - 1941), a prose writer, poet, critic, literary and public figure. He graduated from Petersburg University with a major in philology in 1888. He married Z. N

Muruzi House

MURUZI HOUSE (27/24 Liteiny Avenue), an architectural monument, five-storied apartment house, constructed in 1874-1877 (architect A.K. Serebryakov with the assistance of P.I. Shestov and N.V. Sultanov) and belonging to Prince A.D. Muruzi (1807-1880)

Remizov A.M. (1877-1957), writer

REMIZOV Alexey Mikhailovich (1877-1957), writer. In 1896-97 he studied at the department of natural sciences of the Mathematical Faculty of the University of Moscow. He was expelled for the participation in a student’s demonstration and was exiled

Salons, Circles and Literary Gatherings (Entry)

SALONS, CIRCLES AND LITERARY GATHERINGS. During the 18th century regular gatherings of writers were uncommon, but those that there were portrayed different stylistic and philosophic positions