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Entries / Shillingovsky P.A., (1881-1942), artist

Shillingovsky P.A., (1881-1942), artist

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

SHILLINGOVSKY Pavel Alexandrovich (1881-1942, Leningrad), printmaker, painter and teacher of arts. He represented the academic school in painting. From 1896 to 1901 Shillingovsky studied at the Art School in Odessa, then continued his studies at the Higher Arts School of the Academy of Arts (1904-11) under D.N. Kardovsky and at the studio of V.V. Mathe (1912-14). Afterwards he taught at the Free Arts Educational Studios (1918-20), as well as at the faculties of polygraphy (1921-25) and graphic art (1925-27) and graphic studio (1936-41) of the Academy of Arts. Shillingovsky started as an etcher, only to change etching for xylography in 1917, inspired by the style of the old masters, especially A. Durer. Shillingovsky's xylographs were printed in the album St. Petersburg. Ruins and Revival published in 1923, where St. Petersburg assumed a heroic and romantic character. In 1924, he made a number of lithographs picturing places associated with the life and work of Pushkin and sketches of Gruzino, Count A.A. Arakcheev's estate. From 1929 to 1936, he illustrated books of Academia publishing house. His last work was a cycle of wood etchings entitled The Besieged City (1941-42). Shillingovsky lived at 11 Tuchkov Lane and was buried at Smolenskoe Cemetery.

References: Гришина Е. В. П. А. Шиллинговский. Л., 1980.

V. V. Antonov.

Arakcheev Alexey Andreevich
Durer Albrecht
Kardovsky Dmitry Nikolaevich
Mate Vasily Vasilievich
Shillingovsky Pavel Alexandrovich

Tuchkov Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 11

Гришина Е. В. П. А. Шиллинговский. Л., 1980

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