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The subject index / Academia, publishing house, 1921-1937

Academia, publishing house, 1921-1937

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Publishing Houses

ACADEMIA, a publishing house established on 31 December 1921 as the Publishing House for the Philosophic Society attached to the Petrograd University. The newly-established publishing house assumed the name of the Academy founded by Greek philosopher, Plato, whose works were to be the first published. A.A. Krolenko was the founder and the director of the publishing house until 1929, while the editorial board was presided by E.L. Radlov. From the end of 1923 Academia became the publishing house for the State Institute of Arts History. Succeeding World Literature Publishing House, Academia specialised in the publication of scientific-academic literature, mostly focusing on the humanities, and the best works of world literature (works of G. Boccaccio, J. Swift, F. Rabelais, D. Defoe, M. Proust, A. Dumas et al.). The publishing house issued 38 series, including The Issues of the Contemporary Literature, The Art of Modern Europe, Poetics, Issues of the Modern Aesthetics, Treasures of World Literature, Living Memorials in Literature, Theatrical Memoirs etc. Many memoirs published by Academia (those of P.V. Annenkov, N.I. Grech, D.V. Grigorovich et al.) contain most valuable information on the history, society and cultural life of St. Petersburg. The publishing house put a great emphasis on the preparation of texts, editing and the accuracy of translations and artistic design of editions; in particular, Academia summoned such eminent artists as N.P. Akimov, V.P. Belkin, V.M. Konashevich, V.V. Lebedev, D.I. Mitrokhin, N.A. Ushin, V.A. Favorsky et al. Academia's publications gained notable successes at a number of international exhibitions (Prague, 1924; Leipzig, 1927; Cologne, 1928); among other things, they were exhibited at the World's Fair in Paris (1937). Altogether, Academia issued over 1,000 titles. The publishing house was situated in Leningard until 1929, then moved to Moscow, to be merged with Goslitizdat (the State Publishing House of Literary Fiction) in 1937. The publishing house was accomodated at 40 Liteyny Avenue (called Volodarskogo Avenue at the time), its shops were located in the same building and at 53B Liteyny Avenue (present-day 55).

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T. M. Dvinyatina.

Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich
Annenkov Pavel Vasilievich
Belkin Veniamin Pavlovich
Boccaccio Giovanni
Defoe Daniel
Dumas Alexandre (Dumas pere)
Favorsky Vladimir Andreevich
Grech Nikolay Ivanovich
Grigorovich Dmitry Vasilievich
Konashevich Vladimir Mikhailovich
Krolenko Alexander Alexandrovich
Lebedev Vladimir Vasilievich
Mitrokhin Dmitry Isidorovich
Proust Marcel
Rabelais Francois
Radlov Ernest Anatolievich
Stolpyansky Peter Nikolaevich
Swift Jonathan
Ushin N.A.

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 40
Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 55

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