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Master class, festival

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MASTER CLASS, an international art festival started by artists A. A. Mamedinov and T. G. Semenova, held annually in June since 1993. The festival hosts exhibitions of paintings, graphics, applied and decorative arts, photo expositions (held in the halls of the Artists Union Exhibition Centre, the Russian Museum of Ethnography, the Manege, and city galleries), street sculptures (in the Summer Garden, on Ostrovsky Square and at the Arts Square), music concerts (at the Capella), movie showings (at the House of Cinema, and the Crystal-Palace movie-centre), fashion shows, book presentations, and musical and art projects. Festival laureates are awarded the honorary Master's Cap. The art program offers a number of special contests for the best work within a given thematic, which is announced on Opening Day.

References: Мастер-класс: [Каталог]. СПб., 1998.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Mamedinov Azat Abbasovich
Semenova Tamara Gavrilovna

Iskusstv Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Ostrovsky Square/Saint Petersburg, city

Мастер-класс: [Кат.]. СПб., 1998

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