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Entries / Didelot C.L., (1767-1837), choreographer

Didelot C.L., (1767-1837), choreographer

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

DIDELOT Charles Louis Frederic (1767-1837), French ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He studied under J. Dauberval and J. B. Lany in Paris. The choreographer and the chief of the ballet department in St. Petersburg's Theatre School in 1801-11 and 1816-29, he was also a dancer and the chief choreographer of the Court Company in St. Petersburg. He created about 70 ballets, including the most prominent C. Cavos' Psyche and Amor, J. Starzer's Acis and Galatea, F. M. A. Venua's Zephyr and Flora, Cavos' Prisoner of the Caucasus or the Bride's Shadow, and Phaedra, choreographed in 1809, 1816, 1818, 1823, and 1825, respectively; historical heroic ballets such as Venua's Hungarian Cabin or Famous Exiles and Cavos's Raul de Crechi or Return from Crusades, choreographed in 1817 and 1819, respectively, etc. Didelot's pre-romantic performances took ballet to a new stage of development whereby a dotted plot did not prevent the use of dance but would actually lead to the dances prevailing over divertissements. His ballets involved dramatic intrigue, lively pantomime turning easily into dance and to the dance describing characters and developing the atmosphere. Didelot's work promoted Russian ballet to rank among the best in Europe, his ballets featuring such dancers as M. I. Danilova, E. I. Kolosova, M. N. Ikonina, O. Poirot, A. S. Novitskaya, A. I. Istomina, E. A. Teleshova, A. A. Likhutina, and N. O. Golz. He lived at 1/43 Nevsky Prospect crossing Troitskaya (Rubinshteina) Street.

Reference: Слонимский Ю. И. Дидло: Вехи творч. биографии. Л.; М., 1958; Его же. Балетные строки Пушкина. Л., 1974; Блок Л. Д. Классический танец: История и современность. М., 1987. С. 273-282, 401-433.

G. N. Dobrovolskaya.

Cavos Caterino Albertovich
Danilova Maria Ivanovna
Dauberval Jean
Didelot Charles Louis Frederic
Holz Nikolay Osipovich
Ikonina Maria Nikolaevna
Istomina Avdotya Ilyinichna
Kolosova Evgeniya Ivanovna
Lany Jean-Barthelemy
Likhutina Anastasia Andreevna
Novitskaya Anastasia Semenovna
Poireau O. (real name Auguste Poireau Auguste Leontievich)
Starzer Josef
Teleshova (Telesheva) Ekaterina Alexandrovna
Venua Frederic Marc Antoine

Rubinsteina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 43/1

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