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Theatre College

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THEATRE COLLEGE, Petersburg Imperial Theatre College. Originating from the Dance School founded in 1738 and the Music School of the Court Orchestra founded in 1740, it is associated with I. A. Dmitrevsky's training actors who studied at foster houses and other educational institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One version is that the Theatre College (school) was opened in 1779 as "theatre boys and girls" were accommodated in the Lifeguard Company House at the corner of Millionnaya Street and Winter Canal. Another version belongs to V. N. Vsevolodsky-Gerngross saying that the college was opened in 1783 as P. A. Soymonov gathered students of ballet, drama, opera, music and theatre painting in one school situated in Seidler's house at the present-day 18 Kutuzovskaya Embankment with common disciplines for its charges in the curriculum such as music, dancing, singing, reciting, drawing, Russian reading and writing, mathematics, French, and Italian. Special education was provided in the last years of studies. Dmitrevsky was a teacher of the drama class. Universal art education was brought to the forefront and included in the curriculum in 1792-94 as Prince N. B. Yusupov, the entertainment and music director, implemented the joint education project put forward by the Casassi family. The college had its own training stage. Its location moved repeatedly at the turn of the 18th century until it settled at Teatralnaya Street (Zodchego Rossi Street). Children aged nine to thirteen were admitted to study usually for three to four years, although their stay was individual. Most of them came from the petty bourgeoisie, serfs also admitted though. Some graduates were educated in several professions to work both in ballet and drama companies. In 1809, a School Charter was developed to regulate admission, organisation, and program of studies. The college was renamed the Petersburg Imperial Theatre College in 1829. The regulations accepted in the same year divided the college into a men's unit and a women's unit and into a ballet class and an opera and drama class. Drama education declined by the late 19th century. While the school focused on training ballet dancers, opera and music education was transferred to the Conservatory. The college stopped admitting students to the drama department in 1884. It opened three-year drama courses instead in 1888 as suggested by S. A. Yuryev. The curriculum included drama, grace, dancing, singing, fencing, makeup, Russian and foreign literature, French, drawing, and history of theatre, drama, and social life. Among the teachers were V. N. Davydov, M. P. Pisarev, N. S. Vasilyeva, and N. F. Sazonov, among its students - E. S. Semenova, I. I. Sosnitsky, N. O. Dyur, A. E. Martynov, Sazonov, L. B. Yavorskaya, V. L. Yureneva, L. S. Vivien, Y. E. Ozarovsky, N. N. Khodotov, and E. I. Time. The Drama Courses had no status of a higher education institution; the respective petition was rejected by the Imperial Court Ministry in 1913. After the October of 1917, the college was renamed as the State Petrograd Theatre College. Based on the Drama Courses, the School of Russian Drama of State Petrograd Theatres and the Acting School were opened in 1918, the former united with the Ballet College into the School of State Academic Theaters in 1921 (for further information on the schools see under Academy of Russian Ballet and Academy of Theatre Art, respectively).

References: Всеволодский-Гернгросс В. Н. История театрального образования в России. СПб., 1913. Т. 1; Страницы истории: С.-Петерб. гос. академия театр. искусства. СПб., 2000.

A. A. Kirillov.

Davydov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Dmitrevsky (real name Narykov) Ivan Afanasievich
Dyur Nikolay Osipovich
Khodotov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Martynov Andrey Efimovich
Ozarovsky Yury Erastovich
Pisarev Modest Ivanovich
Sazonov Nikolay Fedorovich
Semenova Ekaterina Semenovna
Sosnitsky Ivan Ivanovich
Soymonov Peter Alexandrovich
Time Elizaveta Ivanovna
Vasilyeva N.S.
Vivien Leonid Sergeevich
Vsevolodsky-Gerngross Vsevolod Nikolaevich
Yavorskaya (nee von Gubbenet) Lidia Borisovna
Yureneva Vera Leonidovna
Yusupov Nikolay Borisovich, Duke

Kutuzova Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 18
Zodchego Rossi Street/Saint Petersburg, city

Всеволодский-Гернгросс В. Н. История театрального образования в России. СПб., 1913
Страницы истории: С.-Петерб. гос. акад. театр. искусства. СПб., 2000

The subject Index
Boarding House of Education


Cavos C.А., (1775-1840), composer

CAVOS Catarino Albertovich (1775-1840, St. Petersburg), composer, bandmaster, and teacher. He studied under F. Bianchi in Incurabile Conservatory, Venice. Living in St. Petersburg from 1798, he served in the Board of Imperial Theatres

Davydov V.N., (1849-1925), actor

DAVYDOV Vladimir Nikolaevich (real name Ivan Nikolaevich Gorelov) (1849-1925), actor, pedagogue, People's Artist of the Respublic (1922). In 1866, he graduated from a gymnasium in Tambov

Didelot C.L., (1767-1837), choreographer

DIDELOT Charles Louis Frederic (1767-1837), French ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He studied under J. Dauberval and J. B. Lany in Paris. The choreographer and the chief of the ballet department in St

Dmitrevsky I.A., (1736-1821), actor

DMITREVSKY (according to 18th century orthography, Dmitrevskoy, real name Narykov) Ivan Afanasievich (1736-1821, St. Petersburg), actor, pedagogue, theatre worker, Member of the Russian Academy (1802)

Drama Theatre (entry)

DRAMA THEATRE. The performances of the theatre of Tsar Peter the Great's sister, Tsarevna Natalia Alexeevna (from 1714) can be considered as the first attempts to establish a standing public theatre in St. Petersburg

Dyur N.O. (1807-1839), actor

DYUR Nikolay Osipovich (1807 - 1839, St. Petersburg), actor. After receiving training in ballet and drama at the Theatre College in St. Petersburg in 1829, he joined the Russian court drama company

Fokine M.M., (1880-1942), ballet-master

FOKINE Mikhail Mikhailovich (1880, St. Petersburg - 1942), dancer, ballet-master, pedagogue. From 1898, after graduating from Legat class of Petersburg Theatre School, he was the 1st dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre

Imperial Theatres Board

IMPERIAL THEATRES BOARD, a public institution managing the Imperial Theatres. The board was established in 1786 as the Board for Shows and Music, succeeding the functions of the Committee for Shows and Music (1783-86); from 1806

Istomina А.I., (1799-1848), ballet dancer

ISTOMINA Avdotya Ilyinichna (1799 - 1848, St. Petersburg), ballet dancer. A student of E. I. Kolosova and C. Didelot, she graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School in 1815. She danced in the Imperial Troupe at St

Ivanov L.I., (1834-1901), choreographer

IVANOV Lev Ivanovich (1834-1901, St. Petersburg), ballet dancer and choreographer. He graduated from Petersburg Theatre School in 1852. He studied under F. Malovern, E. Gredlu, and J. Petipa Father. The first classical dancer of St

Karsavina Т.P., (1885-1978), ballet dancer

KARSAVINA Tamara Platonovna (1885, St. Petersburg - 1978), ballet dancer. L. P. Karsavin's sister. A student of P. A. Gerdt, she graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School in 1902. Dancing in Mariinsky Theatre in 1902-18, she played key parts in M

Kolosova E.I., (1780-1869), ballet dancer

KOLOSOVA (nee Neelova) Evgenia Ivanovna (1780-1869, St. Petersburg), ballet dancer. She studied under I. I. Valberkh in the Petersburg Theatre School and danced solo in the Imperial Company in 1799-1826

Kschessinska M.F., (1872-1971), ballet dancer

KSCHESSINSKA Mathilde (Maria) Felixovna (1872, Ligovo, near St. Petersburg - 1971), ballet dancer and teacher. A student of C. I. Ioganson, she graduated from the Theatre School in 1890 to be immediately admitted into the Mariinsky Theatre

Leonova D.М., (1829-1896), singer

LEONOVA (Gildmeister after her first marriage) Daria Mikhaylovna (1829, according to other reports, 1834-1896, St. Petersburg), opera singer (contralto), actress, chamber singer, and teacher. Lived in St

Likhachev B.S. (1902-1934), cinema historian

LIKHACHEV Boris Sergeevich (1902, St. Petersburg - 1934, Leningrad), cinema historian. He studied at Petrograd Theatre College in 1917-18. He worked as an actor at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in 1919 but was drafted into the army

Lopukhov F.V., (1886-1973), choreographer

LOPUKHOV Fedor Vasilievich (1886, St. Petersburg - 1973, Leningrad), ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher, people's artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1956). A student of N. G

Martynov A.E., (1816-1860), actor

MARTYNOV Alexander Evstafievich (1816, St. Petersburg - 1860), actor. Graduated from the Petersburg Drama School in 1835 (studied ballet under Ch. Didelot, scenic designer under А. Canoppi, drama under P.A. Karatygin)

Michurina-Samoylova V.A., (1866-1948), actress

MICHURINA-SAMOYLOVA Vera Arkadievna (1866-1948), actress, People's Artist of the USSR (1939). Daughter of V.V. Samoylova. Performed first under her father's name, Michurina, then in 1921 as Michurina-Samoylova

Musical Schools and Colleges (entry)

MUSICAL SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, classes, courses, educational institutions for those who want to study music professionally or obtain general training in music, catering to various social groups and interests

Nijinsky V.F., (1890-1950), ballet dancer

NIJINSKY Vaclav Fomich (1889, according to other reports, 1890-1950), a ballet dancer and choreographer. A native of Poland, he studied under M. K. Obukhov at the Petersburg Theatre School to graduate in 1907

Panteleev Alexander Petrovich (1874-1948), film director

PANTELEEV Alexander Petrovich (1874-1948, Leningrad), film director, the Hero of Labour (1923). He studied in the Petersburg Technology Institute and took drama classes at the Theatre School (graduated in 1896)

Pavlova А.P., (1881-1931), ballet dancer

PAVLOVA Anna Pavlovna (1881 - 1931, St. Petersburg), ballet dancer. Studied under P. A. Gerdt in the Petersburg Theatre School, graduating in 1899. She joined the company of the Mariinsky Theatre to dance the key parts in M. I

Petipa М.I., (1818-1910), choreographer

PETIPA Marius Ivanovich (1818-1910), French ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He studied under his father J. Petipa and A. Vestris. Invited to St. Petersburg as a mime dancer in 1847, he danced until 1869. A teacher in St

Petrova-Vorobyeva A.Y., (1817-1901), singer

PETROVA-VOROBYEVA (nee Vorobyeva) Anna Yakovlevna (1817 - 1901, St. Petersburg), opera singer (contralto), actress, chamber singer. Wife of O.A. Petrov. Graduated from the Theatre School, studying ballet with Ch. Didelot, and singing with A

Pisarev Modest Ivanovich (1844-1905), actor

PISAREV Modest Ivanovich (1844-1905, St. Petersburg), actor and writer. He graduated from the law department of the Moscow University (1865). He performed in amateur clubs of Moscow in 1860s, the Society of Lovers of Dramatic Art

Samoylova V.V. (1824-1880), actress

SAMOYLOVA Vera Vasilievna (1824 - 1880, St. Petersburg), actress. Sister of V.V. Samoylov, mother of V.A. Michurina-Samoylova. Studied acting technique under her sister L.V. Samoylova

Sarti G. (1729-1802), composer

SARTI Giuseppe (1729-1802), Italian composer, bandmaster, teacher. Managed the Court Capella in Copenhagen from 1768 to 1775, then, from 1779 to 1784 held the office of bandmaster at the San Marco Cathedral in Venice

Sazonov N.F. (1843-1902), actor

SAZONOV Nikolay Fedorovich (1843, St. Petersburg - 1902, the same place), actor. He started appearing on stage in the country under the name of Shuvalov. After graduating from the Theatre College in 1863

Semenova E.S., (1786-1849), actress

SEMENOVA Ekaterina Semenovna (married name Princess Gagarina) (1786 - 1849, St. Petersburg), actress. Graduated from the Petersburg Drama School (1805). Made her debut on the professional stage in 1803

Sosnitsky I.I., (1794-1871), actor

SOSNITSKY Ivan Ivanovich (1794 - 1871, St. Petersburg), actor. Graduated from the Petersburg Drama School (1811). Studied drama under I.A. Dmitrevsky, and ballet under Ch. Didelot

Spesivtseva O.A. (1895-1991), ballet dancer

SPESIVTSEVA Olga Alexandrovna (1895-1991), ballet dancer. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Theatre School where she studied under K.M. Kulichevskaya, Spesivtseva worked at the Mariinsky Theatre from 1913 to 1924. She was the lead dancer in M

Theatre Art Academy

THEATRE ART ACADEMY, St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Art situated at 34 and 35 Mokhovaya Street, a higher art education institution established after numerous changes in its form and name

Vaganova A.Y., (1879-1951), ballet-dancer

VAGANOVA Agrippina Yakovlevna (1879, St. Petersburg - 1951, Leningrad), ballet-dancer, pedagogue, choreographer, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1954)

Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet

VAGANOVA ACADEMY OF RUSSIAN BALLET situated at 2 Zodchego Rossi Street. It was founded as the Dancing School in 1738 on the initiative of J. B. Lande, a French choreographer and teacher

Valberkh I.I. (1766-1819), ballet dancer, choreographer

VALBERKH Ivan Ivanovich (1766-1819, St. Petersburg), dancer, ballet master, script writer, teacher. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Theatre School in 1786, where he studied under G

Vasilyev P.V., (1832-1879), actor

VASILYEV Pavel Vasilievich (1832-1879), actor. Graduated from the Moscow Drama School (1850). In St. Petersburg, succeeded A.E. Martynov, who had strong impact on him in the 1850s, in the Alexandrinsky Theatre's troupe (1860-64, 1865-74)

Vaynonen V.I. (1901-1964), ballet dancer, choreographer

VAYNONEN Vasily Ivanovich (1901 - 1964, St. Petersburg), ballet dancer, choreographer, Honoured Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1939). Graduated from the Petrograd Drama School, where he studied under V.I

Yakobson L.V., (1904-1975), choreographer

YAKOBSON Leonid Veniaminovich (1904, St. Petersburg - 1975), dancer, choreographer, Honoured Worker of Arts of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1957). After graduating from the Leningrad Drama School, where he studied under V.I

Yavorskaya L.B. (1871-1921), actress

YAVORSKAYA (nee von Guebbenet, Princess Baryatinskaya by marriage) Lidia Borisovna (1871-1921), actress. She completed the Drama Courses at the Theatre School in St. Petersburg in 1893 and studied under E. Gaux in Paris

Yureneva V.L. (1876-1962), actress

YURENEVA Vera Leonidovna (1876-1962), actress, Honoured Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1935. She came to St. Petersburg in the 1890s, to complete the Drama Courses of the Theatre College in 1902

Yuryev Y.M., (1872-1948), actor

YURYEV Yury Mikhailovich (1872-1948, Leningrad), actor, pedagogue, theatre worker, People's Artist of the USSR (1939). Graduated from drama courses at the Moscow Drama School (1893)