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Entries / Kovaleva G.V. (1932-1995), singer

Kovaleva G.V. (1932-1995), singer

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

KOVALEVA Galina Vasilievna (1932-1995, Saint Petersburg), opera singer (coloratura soprano), People's Artist of the USSR (1974). Graduated from the Saratov Sobinov Conservatory under O.N. Strizhova (1959), having made her debut a year before at the Saratov Opera and Ballet Theatre (1958). In 1960, Kovaleva made her first appearance at the Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre (Mariinsky Theatre) playing the role of Rosina in G. Rossini's Barber of Seville (1961). Some of her best-known roles include Ludmila and Antonida from Glinka's Ruslan and Ludmila and Ivan Susanin; Gilda, Violetta, Leonora from Verdi's Rigoletto, Traviata and Il trovatore; and Lucia di Lammermoor from Donizetti's opera of the same name. Kovaleva inspired both audience and critics with her singing technique, unique colourful timbre, and natural tone of voice. She toured both at home and abroad (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Canada, Japan), and in 1971 began teaching at the Conservatory, attaining full professorship in 1980. She was a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1978). Kovaleva was buried at the Serafimovskoe Cemetery.

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E. V. Tretyakova.

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Бялик М. Г. Галина Ковалева. Л., 1984

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