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Stable Museum

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STABLE MUSEUM (the Museum of Court Carriages). Founded in 1857, at the Court Department of Stables; opened in 1860. The two-story Stable Museum building (4 Konyushennaya Square), built in 1857-1860s (architect P.S. Sadovnikov, with the participation of P.P. Dutel, D.P. Sadovnikov, D.I. Jensen, and N.T. Chalikov) in the Elizabethan Baroque style. There was a cart repair shop with 15 carved oak gates on the ground floor, where Imperial family and retinue carriages were located. On the first floor were exhibited a unique collection of Emperors' carriages (including Emperor Alexander II's carriage, destroyed by a bomb explosion during the course of the assassination attempt on 1 March 1881), saddles, stuffed horses, and tapestries manufactured in Paris and St. Petersburg. In September 1917, several valuable exhibits were looted from the Stable Museum. After October 1917, it became a branch of the State Hermitage; in 1926, it was liquidated, and all remaining items from its collection were given to the Hermitage and Pushkin Palace-Museums.

References: Кириков Б. М. Улица Желябова (Большая Конюшенная). Л., 1990. С. 12-14.

A. D. Margolis.

Alexander II, Emperor
Chalikov N.P.
Dutil Peter Avgustovich
Jensen David Ivanovich
Sadovnikov D.T.
Sadovnikov Peter Semenovich

Konyushennaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4

Кириков Б. М. Улица Желябова (Большая Конюшенная). Л., 1990

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Konyushennaya Square

KONYUSHENNAYA SQUARE is located between Konyushenny Lane and Griboedova Canal, and was laid out beginning in the 1720s and over the course of the Stables Department's construction of its buildings complex (house No 1, 1720-23, architect N. F

Sadovnikov P.S. (1796-1877), architect

SADOVNIKOV Peter Semenovich (1796-1877, St. Petersburg), architect, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (1849). Brother of V.S. Sadovnikov. Came from a family of serfs. Studied under the supervision of the architect A.N

The Pensioners’ Stables (an ensemble of the Alexander Park)

A path of the Alexander Park to ponds on the Kuzminka River has led to the Pensioners’ Stables, a Gothic park building hidden in trees thicket. The pavilion was built by Menelaws in 1827-1829 and intended for eight horses which were used by the
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