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Pavlovsk Museum Park

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PAVLOVSK MUSEUM PARK was formed in 1918 on the palace ensemble grounds in Pavlovsk. It includes the Grand Palace, the Palace Park and the Private Garden, the Temple of Friendship, the Colonnade of Apollo, the Pil Tower, the Pavilion of Three Graces, and other buildings. The first directors of Pavlovsk Museum Park were V. N. Taleporovsky (1918-24), and V. N. Yakovlev (1924-31). A part of the exhibits was transferred to the State Foundation of Antiques to be sold abroad in the 1920s - beginning of the 1930s. A part of the exhibits was evacuated to Gorky at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 and later to Novosibirsk and Sarapul. A part of the collection was kept in St. Isaac's Cathedral. The Grand Palace was burnt, the majority of monuments and buildings were destroyed, and 70,000 trees were felled during the period of occupation. The restoration works were carried out in 1945-57 under the guidance of architect F. F. Oleynik (up to 1954), S. V. Popova-Gunich, sculptor N. I. Maltseva, scenic designer A. V. Treskin, modeller I. I. Kalugin, and research assistant N. I. Gromov (State Prize of the USSR, 1972). In 1957, seven rooms of the palace were opened to visitors; the opening of the study and the library of K. I. Rossi followed in 1963. The Italian Hall and the North Suite were opened in 1965. The Greek Hall, the South Suite and other rooms were opened in 1967. Eight rooms of the ground floor were opened in 1970. The Rose Pavilion and some other premises were restored by 1993. The School of Arts for Children has been working in the museum park since the end of the 1990s. Permanent and temporary thematic exhibitions are arranged regularly. The exhibition Gala Portrait and Dress was shown here in 1962-74. The exhibition Russian Apartment Interior has been on display here since 1974. Travelling exhibitions of the museum have been held in the USA, France, Germany, and other countries. Soirees of ancient music have been held in the Greek Hall since 1970. Literary meetings and workshops have been held in the Rose Pavilion since 1993.

V. A. Belanina.

Gromov N.I.
Kalugin I.I.
Maltseva N.I.
Oleynik Fedor Fedorovich
Popova-Gunich Sofia Vladimirovna
Rossi Carl Ivanovich (Carlo Giovanni)
Taleporovsky Vladimir Nikolaevich
Treskina A.V.
Yakovlev Valery Nikolaevich

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