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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1901 - 1925

19 January. In the Alexander Palace Nicholas II received the workers deputation after the incident "Bloody Sunday" on 9 January in Petersburg. 50 000 roubles were assigned for the families of suffered men, this was told during the meeting. .

30 January. The Petersburg Governer received the information about the "unruly conduct of soldiers" in Tsarskoye Selo. They went to a street from the barracks and threatened officers and policemen, speaking the "impertinent words against the Emperor". Social Democratic groups were organized by the lower officials of the 1st Railway Battalion and among the wounded men at the Palace hospital.

1 March. The new Orlov water supply system, that used pipes laid from the Orlov springs to the Orlov water tower and then it used the water supply system of Tsarskoye Selo, began to work.

7-11 March. The pupils unrests took place in the Nicholas Gymnasiun after the current events, many pupils were participants of the street demonstrations. Gymnasium pupils, gathered for the rally, pronounced the resolution "…we, as the children of nation, declare the political strike, and our slogan is - Down with death penalty! Down with military coutrs! Down with martial law!". Pupils unrests took place also in the Trade College and the Mariinskaya Gymnasium.

14 April. In the Alexander Palace the Imperial family met with Princess V.I. Gedroitz, a surgeon, she returned from the front of the Russo-Japanese War in Manchuria.
Architect S. Danini constructed the house for the prominent pediatrician К.А. Rauhfus at his country estate near the "To my dear comarades Gates" ( the present address of the house is 2 Parkovaya Street).

In Nizhny Boulevard, the Empress Maria Children Orphanage in the memory of Nikolai, Yelizaveta and Olga Adamovich (philanthropists) with the Orphan Department of Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolayevich was opened in the building, which was special constructed, according to the design of the technician A.V. Druker.

Architect S. Danini constructed the mansion in the Modern style for Count V.V. Gudovich, equerry of the court (its present address is 18 Parkovaya Street )

The city newspaper "Tsarskoye Selo Newspaper" began to published under the editor D.N. Loman, it was published until 29 January 1907 .
28 May. The Nanny School of Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna was opened. The ideas of Doctor K.A. Rauchfus, organizer of the Nanny School, were realized by the architect S.A. Danini during the constructing of school. Emperor Nicholas II was present at the opening of the Nanny School . The Nanny School building was used as the children sanatorium until 1941 ( its present address is 7 Krasnoselskoye Road, school no. 409)

October. The first collection of poems "Way of Conquistadors" by N.S. Gumilyov, a pupil of the Nicholas Gymnasium, was published.

23 November. The great reception, the Emperor awarded 55 servicemen wounded in the Russo-Japanese War, took place on the military ground of the Catherine Palace. 64 officers, 800 servicemen of lower ranks, 45 holders of Order of St. George were present during this ceremony.

Anna Aleksandrovna Vyrubova (nee Taneyeva), a maid of honour of Empress Aleksandra Fiodorovna, settled in the former house of Tepper de Fergusson. Members of the Imperial family and Grigory Rasputin often visited her here. А. Vyrubova lived in this house until 1917 .

1 December. The new city sewerage system and the purification biology station, having the incinerators with electric generators using the hot gas of incinerators, began to operate.

Danini Silvio Amvrosievich
Druker Alexander Vasilievich
Gedroits, Vera Ignatyevna, princess
Gumilev Nikolay Stepanovich
Loman D.N.
Nicholas II, Emperor
Rasputin Grigory Efimovich
Rauchfus Karl Andreevich
Vyrubova Anna Alexandrovna

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