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Entries / 1909


Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1901 - 1925

4 March. On N.S. Gumilyov's initiative I.F. Annensky was acquainted with the critic S.K. Makovsky and the poet M.A. Voloshin in the flat of I.F. Annensky in Sophia Town. Annensky enthusiastically supported Makovsky's idea about creating the literary magazine "Apollon" and accepted the offer to be a member of the magazine editorial staff. In the same year Annensky was acquainted with poets O. Mandelshtam and M. Kuzmin and had the last meeting with A. Blok in Tsarskoye Selo.

30 April. Russian young scouts' campfire was lighted in the Pavlovsk Park. On this day the first in Russia detachment of Tsarskoye Selo scouts was formed on the initiative of Oleg Ivanovich Pantyukhov, Staff-Captain of the First Life Guard His Emperor Majesty Infantry Regiment.

The summer. The staging of Schiller's tragedy "Missianskaya nevesta" ("Die Braut von Messina ( The Bride of Messina")) in translation of Grand Duke K. Romanov (K.R.) with his participation and with participation of officers of the Life Guard Izmailovsky Regiment (the society "Izmailovsky dosug" ("The Leisure of the Izmailovsky Regiment Officers")) was performed in the Chinese Theatre.

20 July. The ceremonial laying of the Fiodorovsky Emperor Cathedral took place in the presence of the whole Tsar's family.

30 November. The outstanding Russian poet I.F. Annensky suddenly died as a result of the heart failure on footsteps of the Vitebsk Railway Station. In the same evening Annensky's corpse was delivered from Saint Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo in a special coach. On 4 December Annensky was performed the burial service in the Rozhdestvenskaya Chuch at the gymnasium and then Annensky was burried in the Kazan Cemetery.

Vera Ignatyevna Gedroits , the first in Russia woman-surgeon, St. George order-bearer, Princess, poet and writer (her pseudonym is Sergey Gedroits) who got the spoken nickname "George Sand of Tsarskoye Seko", was appointed as an attending physician of the Tsarskoye Selo Palace Hospital.

The Palace and town telephone exchange worked in Tsarskoye Selo as well as public telephone call-boxes worked at the railway station and in Sophia Town.

Annensky Innokenty Fedorovich
Blok G.P.
Gedroits, Vera Ignatyevna, princess
Gumilev Nikolay Stepanovich
Konstantin Konstantinovich, Grand Prince
Kuzmin Mikhail Alexeevich
Makovsky Sergey Konstantinovich
Mandelstam Osip Emilievich
Pantyukhov Oleg Ivanovich
Voloshin Maximillian Alexandrovich

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