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The subject index / Krasnaya Gazeta (The Red Gazette), newspaper

Krasnaya Gazeta (The Red Gazette), newspaper

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KRASNAYA GAZETA (The Red Gazette), a daily newspaper, at different periods an organ of the central, provincial, city committees of the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolcheviks) and the Petrograd/Leningrad Soviet. It circulated from January 1918 until February 1939. The editorial office was located at Smolny, 76 Fontanka River Embankment, 57 Fontanka River Embankment and other places. In 1918-19 and 1922-36 the periodical also came out as an evening edition (in 1922-23 and 1932-36 - Vechernyaya Krasnaya Gazeta). Throughout different periods journals Chelovek i priroda, Bud zdorov, Dom i khozyaystvo, Na dosuge, Literaturnaya nedelya, Rezets, and some others circulated as its supplements. In the 1920-30s the Krasnaya Panorama, The Red Panorama, Nauka i Tekhnika, Science and Technology, Begemot, journals were also published within the newspaper publishing house. In March 1939 Krasnaya Gazeta merged with the newspaper Leningradskaya Pravda,. In 1931-36 the organ of the Leningrad Regional Soviet, later the Leningrad Regional Trade Union Soviet, newspaper in German Rote Zeitung (Red Gazette) came out.

D. N. Cherdakov.

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 76
Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 57

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Leningradskaya Pravda (The Leningrad Truth), newspaper

Leningrad, journal

LENINGRAD, throughout different periods several journals circulated in the city under this name.1) From 1922 until 1925 - a bi-weekly illustrated literary and political journal (until 1924 was called Petrograd)

Vecherny Peterburg (The Evening Petersburg), newspaper

VECHERNY PETERBURG (The Evening Petersburg) (until 1991 was known as Vecherny Leningrad), a city newspaper. The newspaper's history traditionally dates back to 17 October 1917, when the first bolshevik evening newspaper Rabochy i Soldat

Volodarsky Printing House

VOLODARSKY PRINTING HOUSE (59 Fontanka River Embankment) is the main production facility of Lenizdat Publishers. Originally called the Printing House of the State Medical Collegium, it was founded in 1795 on Aptekarsky Island