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The subject index / Steel-Rolling Plant

Steel-Rolling Plant

Categories / Economy/Industry

STEEL-ROLLING PLANT (8 Twenty Fifth Line of Vasilievsky Island) is an open joint-stock company, a diversified enterprise with a full metallurgical production cycle. It originates from the bronze casting enterprise of F. Chopin (registered in 1857). By 1870, the bronze casting unit was transferred to another site, and the plant soon passed into the ownership of a joint-stock company and specialised in manufacturing of iron rolled metal and nails. In 1918, the plant was nationalised and was called Red Nail-Maker, soon the production was stopped and resumed in 1921 (the plant produced nails, wire, nets for fences, rivets, as well as circular shears, automatic machines for reeling wire, machinery for making metallic nets and other equipment). Manufacturing of new grades of steel, metallic belts, ropes, and springs was adopted in the 1930s. The plant was renamed the Steel-Rolling Plant in 1940 (till 1957 the plant was called after V. M. Molotov). At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, a part of the equipment was evacuated; the remaining equipment was used for manufacturing of fasteners, springs for automatic rifles and other products for the front, as well as metal for other enterprises of the city. Armour for the cable laid at the bottom of the Ladoga Lake was also produced at the plant. In post-war years the plant produced metallic heat-treated bands for textile machines, insulating bands with high magnetic qualities, rolled metal profile, flexible cable, and springs for clocks. From the end of the 1950s, the enterprise started manufacturing precision alloys with specific physical and mechanical qualities. The plant produces iron-nickel, iron-nickel-molybdenum, iron-copper, iron-cobalt-nickel, anti-corrosive, non-magnetic and other kinds of alloys (a total of some 50 types). Wire and bands (including thin and ultra-thin bands) made of these alloys are used in manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment and devices, electronic calculators, computer-assisted numerical control devices for metal-cutting presses, robotic manipulators etc.

References: Время свершений: История Ленингр. сталепрокат. з-да. Л., 1987.

V. S. Solomko.

Chopin Felix А.
Molotov (real name Skryabin) Vyacheslav Mikhailovich

25th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 8

Время свершений: История Ленингр. сталепрокат. з-да. Л., 1987

Lines of Vasilievsky Island (entry)

LINES Of VASILIEVSKY ISLAND, the historical name of a number of parallel streets that intersect Vasilievsky Island from the south to the north: First to Twenty-Ninth Lines, Birzhevaya Line, Kozhevennaya Line, Kosaya Line, Mendeleevskaya Line

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