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Music Hall

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Stage, Cabaret, Variety Shows

MUSIC HALL (in Russian Muzik-kholl, based on a transliteration of the English). The first attempts to establish a Music Hall in St. Petersburg date back to 1913. In the autumn of 1928, The Circus Music-Hall was opened in the Opera Hall of the former Emperor Nicholas II People's House (4 Alexandrovsky Park). In 1929, it moved into the building of Palace-Theatre (13 Italyanskaya Street) and was renamed the Variety Theatre-Circus, to adopt the name of Leningrad Music-Hall shortly after. I.O. Dunaevsky performed the functions of the chief conductor. Co-operating with Tea-Jazz conducted by L.O. Utesov. Dunaevsky composed a number of variety song programmes. The Music Hall employed various eminent people, such as composer D.D. Shostakovich, ballet-masters F.V. Lopukhov and K.Y. Goleyzovsky, artist and stage director N.P. Akimov. The programmes of the Music Hall starred K.I. Shulzhenko, B.P. Chirkov, R.V. Zelenaya, N.K. Cherkasov, E.M. Granovskaya et al. The Music Hall was closed down in 1937 as part of the struggle against formalism, to resume its work 30 years later, due to the efforts made by stage director I.Y. Rakhlin. The basic genre of the Music Hall was singsong revues with dancing. Among the ballet-masters who collaborated with the Music Hall were I.D. Belsky and M.S. Godenko. Music for performances was composed by M.M. Kazhlaev, S.I. Pozhlakov and D.F. Tukhmanov, among others. The Music Hall has a permanent company which consists of a ballet troupe, orchestra and solo performers. The latter include O.O. Vardasheva, I.N. Rudakova, S.N. Smetanin and A.N. Tukin. Its most popular programmes are: No One So Beautiful But You (1967), The Housewarming (1988), The Mad Century (1999), Apple Lady (2002). Since 1988, the Music Hall has come again to reside in the former Opera Hall (known as Velikan (Giant) movie theatre in 1950-88). In 1990, a school was attached to it.

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Y. N. Kruzhnov.

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Shulzhenko Klavdia Ivanovna
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Utesov Leonid Osipovich (real name Weisbein Lazar Iosifovich)
Vardasheva Olga O.
Zelenaya Rina (Ekaterina) Vasilievna

Italyanskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 13

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Bogdanova-Chesnokova G.V. (1904-1983), singer

BOGDANOVA-CHESNOKOVA Glikeria Vasilievna (1904, St. Petersburg - 1983, Leningrad), musical comedy actress, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1970). Made her debut in 1920 at the Alexandrinsky Theatre as Lucile in J

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Dunaevsky I.O., (1900-1955), composer

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Rakhlin I.Y. (1922-2002), stage director

RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich (1922-2002, St. Petersburg), director, actor, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1984), Honoured Worker of the Arts of Kazakhstan (1951) and Northern Osetia (1965)

Shostakovich D.D., (1906-1975), composer

SHOSTAKOVICH Dmitry Dmitrievich (1906, St. Petersburg. - 1975), composer, pianist, pedagogue, People's Artist of the USSR (1954), Hero of Socialist Labor (1966). Honorary Doctor of Oxford (1958) and of many other foreign universities and academies

Utesov L.O., (1895-1982), singer

UTESOV Leonid Osipovich (real name Weisbein Lazar Iosifovich) (1895-1982), singer, actor, jazz band leader, People's Artist of the USSR (1965). Studied at the Faig Odessa Commercial School

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