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Jacoby B.S., (1801-1874), physicist

JACOBY Boris Semenovich (Moritz Herman) (1801-1874), physicist and electrical engineer member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences from 1847. A German emmigrant, he studied at Berlin and Hettingen universities. He lived and worked in St

Jacot P., (1798-1860), architect.

JACOT Pavel Petrovich (1798-1860), architect and builder, representative of the late Neoclassicism. Native of France, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris (1812-21) under the supervision of Debreu and L.I. Leba. In 1822 he came to St


JAZZ. Instrumental groups, dance and concert jazz music on city stages, appeared in Leningrad in the late 1920s. On April 28, 1927 the hall of the Capella hosted the debut concert of L.Y. Teplitsky's First Concert Jazz-Band. A year later G.V

Jensen D.I., (1816-1902), sculptor

JENSEN David Ivanovich (1816, Denmark -1902, St. Petersburg), sculptor. Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen under B. Thorvaldsen, moved to St. Petersburg in 1841. Taught at the Painting School of Arts Society (1843-47) with L.A

Jewish Cemetery

JEWISH Cemetery (66а Alexandrovskoy Fermy Avenue), in the Nevsky Region, close to Obukhovo Railway Station. Its area is about 27.4 hectares. It was opened in 1875 as a Jewish section of Preobrazhenskoe Cemetery

Jewish Historical and Ethnographic Society

JEWISH HISTORICAL AND ETHNOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, a scientific society for studying the history and ethnography of Russian Jews. It was founded in 1908 on the initiative of historian S. M


JEWS, an ethnic community within the St. Petersburg population. Hebrew is related to the Semitic group of Afrasian languages, Yiddish (was spread throughout the majority of eastern Russia) is related to the Germanic group of Indo-European family of

Jordan Entrance

JORDAN ENTRANCE (Twelfth Tide Parade), a ceremony which took place on the 6th (19th) of January, in Twelfth Tide. Between 1732 and 1914, it was annually held in St

Journalist House

JOURNALIST HOUSE, a creative club for journalists. It was opened in 1926 as Press House (94 Moika River Embankment; it continually changed adresses), from 1938, it was Journalist House

Jubilee of St. Petersburg

JUBILEE of St. Petersburg (City Day) is an annual celebration in honour of the foundation of St. Petersburg. Since 1983, it has taken place on the final weekend of May. It includes a broad variety of festivities (concerts, processions, etc